TikTok Launches Inventory Filters A Solution For Safe Ad Placements

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TikTok knows just how successful it is and wants to keep things that way. The latest update it had in mind is actually a great thing for advertisers on the platform.

Knowing that their users and brands are very diverse and are committed to creating a perfect platform for both consumers and advertisers. A new way of doing that is by adding something called Inventory Filters, Search Engine Land reports.

The filter should enable brands to choose whether to show their content near brands or videos not similar to them.

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For example – say you’re a family-oriented brand and are advertising a new indoor playground with a bunch of amenities. You don’t want your brand to appear next to mature videos, or videos violent in nature. However, the violent videos would go well if you’re promoting a new action movie.

“With the launch of the TikTok Inventory Filter, we are taking a major step forward with our ability to offer brands even more robust control over their advertising environment, all while laying a strong technical foundation for future innovation in suitability, customization and measurement for our brand partners.” – said Jon Schmucler, Global Head of Product Marketing, Measurement at TikTok.

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Inventory Filter

So, TikTok inventory is just that – a library of all content posted by TikTok users that is eligible for appearing next to an ad.

Even though all of that content already goes through a thorough check-up and moderation against TikToks various policies and guidelines, the Inventory Filter offers extra layers of content filtration, stands in their statement, that will “help brands achieve their own unique goals by choosing the type of UGC they’d like adjacent to their branded content”.

If you’re an advertiser, this feature could help you feel more secure about where your content is being displayed and ensure safer ad placement.

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The Tiers

TikTok Inventory Filter categorizes UGC at scale by analyzing text, audio, video, and images. Afterwards, it assigns each video to the appropriate tier. Furthermore, the technology can learn in real-time, improving classification and adapting to new content trends as they emerge.

Each tier in the TikTok Inventory Filter contains videos that have been evaluated and grouped by level of risk based on industry-leading standards such as GARM Brand Safety Floor + Suitability Framework:

  • Floor Content – content that violates TikTok’s Community GuidelinesTerms of Service, and/or Intellectual Property Policy.
  • High-Risk Content –  glamorization or gratuitous depiction of mature themes
  • Medium Risk Content – fictional or entertainment depiction of mature themes
  • Low-Risk Content – educational depiction of mature themes
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After categorizing content into these levels, the TikTok Inventory Filter will then determine which videos to exclude from a tier. Due to this, the maturity of the themes in each tier will differ as follows:

  • Full Inventory – will exclude any “Floor” content that has been removed by robust moderation against TikTok’s Community Guidelines and some “High Risk” content. In this tier, ads may appear next to some content featuring mature themes.
  • Standard Inventory – will exclude “Floor” and “High Risk” content. Ads will display next to content that is appropriate for most brands but may contain some mature themes.
  • Limited Inventory – will exclude all risk levels. Ads will be next to content that does not contain mature themes.
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The TikTok Inventory Filter is now available in:

  • Australia,
  • Brazil,
  • Canada,
  • Egypt,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Indonesia,
  • Italy,
  • Japan,
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
  • Malaysia,
  • Mexico,
  • Netherlands,
  • Philippines,
  • Poland,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Thailand,
  • Turkey,
  • United Arab Emirates,
  • United Kingdom,
  • The United States, and
  • Vietnam.

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