TikTok Announces New Program For Ads Helping Creators Earn Some Money

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TikTok’s growth over the past two years is and will be hard to compete with. But, even though it is one of the most popular social media platforms it has been a bit criticized over the lack of earning possibilities with its Creator Fund.

Seems like TikTok heard the cries for help and decided to do something about it. Not only because they’re nice, but also because its main competitors, YouTube and Facebook, are putting great effort into short-form videos.

TikTok has announced its new ‘TikTok Pulse’ program which should let advertisers place their ads next to the most popular content on the app’s For You Page. This will also help creators earn some cash since they can use the revenue-share pathway with the marketer, instead of organizing separate brand deals on their own.

Marketers today are looking for the opportunities to be on the pulse of relevant cultural moments. TikTok Pulse places brands at the heart of TikTok communities and alongside the trending content that is driving conversation and action. – said TikTok in the announcement.



Source: newsroom.tiktok.com
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How Does TikTok Pulse Work?

Through TikTok Pulse, brands can place their ads next to TikToks in the top 4 percent of top performers. Since performance benchmarks are based on views and engagement, an ad will be seen by the most people possible, on any given day, ensuring that the specific brand got the exposure they wanted.

As an advertiser on Pulse, you can choose from 12 categories in which your ad can appear. That lets you place your brand next to the most culturally relevant content in categories such as ‘beauty’, ‘fashion’, ‘gaming’, etc. Also, to ensure safety, the ads will only be able to appear next to verified content.

The program will be available to creators with at least 100k followers – this way they can increase their revenue just by doing what they love – creating content.

We’re focused on developing monetization solutions in available markets so that creators feel valued and rewarded on TikTok. From the very beginning, we’ve committed to working with our community to bring new features that enrich the TikTok experience, and we look forward to continuing that journey with TikTok Pulse.

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TikTok Launches Branded Mission


Let’s face it – TikTok is the place to be. With more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide and the highest download numbers this year, this platform has surpassed both Instagram and Facebook.

Creators on the platform are slowly redefining culture and entertainment as we know it and every brand wants a piece of that magic of collaborating with influencers. Collabs between creators and brands aren’t a new concept. It has been around for some time now and it works pretty well. Now, it could work even better, with TikToks Branded Mission.

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With Branded Mission, creators can engage with brands directly and create (and monetize!) their content for particular marketing campaigns. Now, they can collaborate with or without an advertising agency of record. This means that digital marketers have a new way of reaching the target audience sweet spot, Gen Z and Millennials. A more direct way, let’s say.

Photo Source: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/

The Power Of Collaboration

With Branded Mission, brands can invite creators to take part in a campaign – as long as their content resonates with both their brand and their audiences on TikTok. That way, the brands can be closer to the communities on the platform and help creators contribute to a campaign with the power to boost the top-performing content that goes great with their brand.

By using this Branded Mission, advertisers can:

  • Engage the community to participate in branded campaigns.
  • Let creators tell the most relatable brand story in an authentic way.
  • Discover a diverse ecosystem of creators who are the main drivers of culture on TikTok.

Branded Mission allows the creators to get selected by digital marketers and create branded content. As long as they are at least 18 years old and have more than 1000 followers, creators can partake in Branded Mission. That should also increase their chances of making money on TikTok.

On each Branded Mission page, creators will see the potential earning opportunity before choosing to participate. – stands in the statement.

Also, creators whose videos do get selected by the brand will have boosted traffic. Combined with TikTok Pulse, the platform’s ad revenue share program, creators’ chances to succeed as full-time content creators are as high as possible.

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Instagram Adds Liked Stories – Why Does This Matter?


Are you tired of stuffed DMs every time you post a story on Instagram? Well, say goodbye to that because Instagram strikes back! A useful tool for all content creators out there has been announced by Instagram – story likes.

So far, if someone loved what you posted on your Instagram story, chances are – they sent a reaction and immediately started a conversation in your DMs. While that might be fun for some, others only get lost in the sea of unanswered DMs. This new feature might actually help you with engagement and analytics without harming your brand and having that “they are too good to answer DMs” image.

When you see a story from now on, there will be a heart icon next to the “send message” button. If you tap on the heart icon, a like will be sent to the author of the story. That like shows up in a viewer sheet under insights, not in the DMs. In the viewer sheet, there will be a little heart icon next to the name of the viewer.

Story Likes are private and only a creator can see them.

Why Does This Matter?

While it may sound trivial and small, this new feature might actually be helpful. Not only will you be able to understand what your followers like (without the inbox mess!), but you will also have better insights into the engagement and preferences of your audience. That will definitely help with coming up with a content plan in the future.  Since liking a story doesn’t come with any attachments and is easy to do, a lot more followers will probably give you feedback – and we all know feedback is important.

Even though Instagram didn’t say anything about how these likes might affect ranking, it could be a good idea to keep track of it all and learn what users actually like.

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