New TikTok Tool For Marketers TikTok Insights Lets You Get Data That Matters

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Marketers can now use TikTok’s new insights tool to target different demographic groups around the world. With TikTok Insights, you can now learn even more about your audience’s behaviour and interests, as well as sentiments towards brands.

With several filter options, TikTok insights let you only go through data that are relevant for your business and get insights that actually matter to you. Plus, they’re free to use.

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TikTok Insights Tool

The tool shows pieces of data that can help your business improve your marketing campaign.

When you open the tool, you can choose between a selection of tiles, each of which has a piece of data. You will also have filters on the left side of the screen. How specific you’ll be, depends only on your needs.

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Photo Source: Screenshot from tiktok.com/business/en/insights, May 2022
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Filters, filters, filters!

Not only can you filter by demographics and events and/or holidays, but you can filter by industries as well. This makes planning for a specific event or a holiday more efficient.

At the bottom of each tile, you can see where all the data comes from if you hover over “Source” on the left. If you’re using the data in a report, you can simply click on the Source button and copy a citation to your document.

Photo Source: Screenshot from tiktok.com/business/en/insights, May 2022

Note that currently, there is limited data available. If you add too many filters, you will most likely have no results available. Patience is a virtue.

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