New Process For Twitter Community Notes Steps To Better Value of Notes

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Everyday it seems like there is something new going on Twitter. Since Elon Musk took over we’ve seen the roller coaster of events that ultimately led to many changes for Twitter. Late October is when Elon Musk took ownership over Twitter which started with him revealing his plans to ‘revamp verification‘.

From charging 8$ a month for Twitter verification, to firing a huge group of employees and the premier plans for the Everything App, Twitter isn’t slowing down.

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The newest feature being introduced has to do with Twitter’s Community Notes. According to Social Media Today, Twitter is introducing a new feature to improve the quality and usefulness of its Community Notes.

Community Notes

From now on, to be able to contribute to Community Notes, users will have to “unlock” this ability by first rating other Notes submitted through the app. This new qualifier is intended to increase the accuracy and value of the Community Notes.

Here’s a tweet Community Notes sent out about that:

In the Community Notes Guide, Twitter explains users who join Community Notes can rate notes and contribute to the identification of helpful and unhelpful notes. By doing so, they can earn the ability to write notes, which requires a Rating Impact of at least 5.

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You might be wondering what Twitter means by Rating Impact 5. Basically, a contributor’s Rating Impact reflects the extent to which their ratings helped the community distinguish between helpful and unhelpful notes, based on the responses of the wider user group.

Essentially, it’s like a rewards. Here’s what Andrew Hutchinson said on the matter:

“So you’re incentivized to rate notes, as early as possible in the process, and to rate them in a way that reflects what the Twitter community will also rate them, which should help to weed out people looking to influence Community Notes with their own bias,” reports Social Media Today.

Why Changes To Community Notes?

Since Elon took over, he said that Community Notes were going to be a priority. As we’ve seen, he’s a big free speech guy so that most definitely plays into this change. Many users believe that this is inline with his goal of improving moderation processes.

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Social Media today also weighed in on this saying “Musk wants to move away from removals and suspensions, instead letting the user community append such tweets with notes that can provide additional context.”

Either way if this change to community notes will help make Twitter a better place, we’re here for it.

Julia Cashion