Google's Core & Product Reviews Update Rolled Out Here's How To Know If You've Been Hit

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Google has confirmed that both of the updates are now fully rolled out. Yup, there were two going on at the same time: September 2022 Core Update launched two weeks ago, and the Product Reviews one that was launched a week later.

Now, we analyze. As we always say, you should wait for the updates to fully roll out before assessing the damage done. If you’ve been hit this time, it might be the result of one or even both of the updates. How to know if you’ve been hit?

September 2022 Core Update

This one hit fast, but had less of an impact than the previous updates. Yes, there was some volatility regarding the ranks, but no massive impact was noted among the SEO community.

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Core updates affect entire sites and John Mueller explained how:

With the core updates we don’t focus so much on just individual issues, but rather the relevance of the website overall. And that can include things like the usability, and the ads on a page, but it’s essentially the website overall.”

So, if the majority of your pages experienced changes in ranking, chances are it’s a result of the update.  If you have been hit, Google shared some advice that might help you out. It includes a list of questions you might ask yourself before deciding if there’s anything to fix.

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The Product Review Update

With this update, it might be easier to know if you’ve been impacted by it or not. This is because it affects search results for product reviews. So, if you don’t usually publish reviews, you cannot be impacted by the update.

If you do, take a look at your rankings. There is a good chance that the product review update is responsible for changes on product review pages. If your website’s ranking changes across the entire site, however, you can credit the core update.

How to fix the damage the update might have done? Google has a solution for that one, too. Here’s some:

  • Flex the expertise – offer expert knowledge about products
  • Show what’s the product like, how to use it, say something interesting about it, valuable information people can use
  • Let your readers know why this product is better than the competition’s one
  • Go in-depth and do research – what are your main selling points? What piece of information would convince your readers to buy the product?
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We’re sure there will be more analyzing of the impact these updates made. Stay tuned!

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Core Update Did Not Include Second Product Review Update


For those who have been wondering whether another Product Reviews Update was rolled into last week’s core update – the answer is a big fat no, according to Google.

The question came up on Twitter this week when SEO consultant Glenn Gabe asked Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, whether Google launched another Product Reviews Update similar to the one rolled out back in April.

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“Do you know if there was a refresh of the Product Reviews Update (maybe when the June broad core update rolled out)?” asked Gabe. “I’m seeing sites impacted by the PRU w/a lot of movement during the June core update. Or is this just from the June core update? Thx for any info!”

Sullivan stated that any changes related to product reviews were “almost certainly” caused by the Core Update, not another product review update.

So, even though the product review update took longer than expected to fully roll out, it did, in fact, eventually complete its rollout back in April.

Sullivan’s confirmation makes sense because, like any other website, product review sites are bound to be impacted by something as huge as a core update.

Alas, SEOs can sleep easy knowing there haven’t been any other surprise curve balls being thrown by Google – yet. Google always has a way of keeping us on our toes, though, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for any impending changes that could affect your rankings.

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