Google Product Reviews to Receive Periodic Updates Here's the catch, you won't know when

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Update from the future: On September 26, both the September Core Update and the Product Reviews Update have been fully rolled out. Read about it here and find out how to know if you’ve been hit and what to do about it. 

There’s new chatter going around about Google’s approach to product review updates.

As many of you know, Google began rolling out the September 2022 broad core update. At the same time, Google decided it would be fun to begin the fifth Google product reviews update.

Launching two updates at the same time can be chaotic but who knows maybe next time they’ll throw a third update in the mix. In any case, word is going around about Google’s strategy for Google product review updates, you might not know when updates are going down.

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What We Know Since the Fifth Google Product Review Update

With both the latest product reviews update and the September 2022 broad core update running at the same time, people are noticing impacts on their sites and traffic rates.

It seems as though many users found Google’s helpful content updates to be more effective in helping sites thrive. Instead with both updates running at the same time, some users are noticing their site taking a dive.

On the SEO roundtable, one user commented about the drop in website traffic, and not a small one either.

It seems that since the update started, users are having a hard time figuring out which update is tanking their traffic or causing other adverse impacts on their site.

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Unknown Periodic Updates for Google Product Reviews

Since the Google product reviews update started, the conversation has been running rampant on Twitter. SEO expert Charles Floate tweeted out about the ongoing updates while tagging Google’s public search liaison, Danny Sullivan, to get some answers.

This tweet sparked an ongoing conversation about the status of Google’s recent product review update and how users can expect for them to be rolled out in the future.

Basically, we’re not always going to know when the product review updates are happening. In terms of site performance, it will be a balancing act between both the recent product review update and the September broad core update.


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