Google Tests Interactive Knowledge Panel Box Refines Search Query After Expanding

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Google continues testing different versions of search results, especially when it comes to celebrity queries. Now, the search engine is testing an interactive knowledge panel box, similar to Rich Cards but more, well, interactive!

Google is testing a more interactive version of the Knowledge Panel Box Card by showing more details when expanded, Seroundtable reports. Glenn Gabe posted on this on Twitter and shared a video of it in action:

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As you can see, a specific search result has a panel box on the ride side which, when expanded, offers more information. So, whenever you click on one of the panel boxes, it triggers Search to refine your query.

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A few days ago, Seroundtable also reported on Google creating a knowledge panel box which was a bit different than this one. Basically, when you Google a celebrity, Google offers you quick answers on what you might want to know about them, in the form of rich cards.  Brodie Clark  shared what that looked like on Twitter:

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