Google Testing More Carousels "Things To Do" in pop-up mode & "Highly Rated By Users"

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Google’s really got a thing for carousels these days! The company has already started testing expandable local carousels with drop-down menus under the snippets just recently, but they have a few more aces up their sleeve. Currently, Google is testing two new carousels – the “highly rated by users” and the “things to do” carousel.

Highly Rated By Users Search Carousel

Google is testing a new carousel in the mobile search results called “Highly rated by users.” This will display products with high user ratings. Shocking, right? Anyways, it looks good and could be useful!

This was spotted by Saad AK , who shared everything on Twitter – here’s a screenshot of what it looks like!

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And here’s a video of how it works:

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“Things To Do” Carousel

Google is also testing a new user interface for the “Things to do” carousel so it overlays the results on top of SERPs. So, rather than taking you to a new page and a new set of search results, Google simply puts something else in focus. W

In a tweet, Khushal Bherwani shared a video of the test and called it “Things to do carousel in pop up mode”. Well, that’s a mouthful. Here’s what it looks like:



I kind of like how it looks. Think about it – you google these kinds of stuff whenever you’re travelling somewhere. This would be a nice way of keeping one tab open instead of 20 and having all the information in one place, such as where to go, how much the tickets cost, etc. Currently, I hope it’s here to stay!

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