New Possible Google Algorithm Update Continues May Pattern “Another Day In Hell” – Update Rocks SEO Community

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A month of unpredictable Google updates continues with what SEOs believe to be another Algorithm update.

Throughout May 2021, we’ve seen plenty of unconfirmed Google updates take place – many of which speculated as a result of rapid, unexpected shifts in tracking tool data. This month, we saw several possible updates, including those on May 7-9, May 13, May 16, and now, May 22.

The most recent update left a strong impression on SEO and Search Engine Roundtable writer Barry Schwartz. In a blog post, Schwartz wrote that tracking tools were “showing changes in the Google Search results that I have not seen before in a long time.”

He speculates that Google did something to ‘upset’ the tracking tools, and recommends that site owners check their data in case of a significant change.

Users on internet message board Webmaster World have been talking about the most recent update, and some posts indicate that the update has unleashed chaos.

“This is hell,” one user wrote. “ never know what to do anymore, where to look, or what is actually happening.”

“Another day in hell,” a different user added.

One user alleged that his tracking tools indicated a drop in his global site’s numbers from 52.4% to 11.6% in only 11 hours.

With only a week left until May ends, many SEOs are left wondering if Google will squeeze in another update.

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