Google Adds New Features For Hotels Hotels Can Now Adjust Their Rates In Real-Time, Directly From Their Profiles

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Google announced three new features for hotels that want to list their rates or provide booking links through Google. With new features, hotels will be able to manage and change their rates much easier. Just in time for some post-pandemic travelling!

Google’s new updates are supposed to help advertisers and hotels manage their lists, stay ahead of the competition, offer real-time prices, and change rates directly on their Google Business Profiles.

So, what’s new?

Industry Standard Protocols

Some rules and protocols help hotels be consistent with booking, make changes and adjust rates. Google will support these protocols.

No More Spreadsheets

Google will no longer require hotels to upload annoying spreadsheets and files to add rates to their Google Business Profile. Instead, users can put their rates into their profiles directly. This way, hotels can keep up with demand and adjust their rates more quickly, without depending on technology providers or partners.

Eligible hotels will be able to directly input their rates through Google Business Profile and participate in free hotel booking links.

Photo Source: Google Ads Help
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Open Access to Hotel Ads

Hotels will no longer need a Hotel Center account to run campaigns. That way, any Google advertiser can search and run campaigns for any hotel. When creating a campaign, advertisers can specify “I do not have a Hotel Center account.”. This will let the advertiser search for and choose hotels of interest. Google will automatically select the highest-quality feed for hotels where Google has available rates.

Performance Max For Hotels

This update will allow hotels to use PMax for promoting their properties across Google, including property-specific queries on Search. It is supposed to arrive in the second half of the year.

With it, you will be able to easily set up ad campaigns with pre-populated asset groups for each property, with automatically generated images, descriptions, and videos you can edit. You will also be able to target property-specific searches on Google, by promoting your hotel across Google’s advertising channels within Performance Max.

Photo Source: Google Ads Help

There are no specifics about the launch date, but you can read the whole announcement here.

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Google’s Target Frequency Gives You More Control


It’s that time again! Google has rolled out another feature and it will give you more agency over your ads. Target frequency is Google’s latest gift to advertisers on YouTube.

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This feature was already integrated however there were some restrictions on usability for users. Good news, now the “target frequency capability is globally available for all advertisers running YouTube campaigns,” Search Engine Journal reports.

Why Target Frequency Is Important

Google says it has always been a balancing act to find the ideal video ad frequency for both viewers and advertisers. Seeing the same ad over and over again would drive anyone nuts. But this is why target frequency is helpful to both advertisers and viewers alike.

So far users seem to be happy about the availability of Target frequency, this is what one user tweeted:

Google’s launch of Targets frequency for all YouTube campaigns will be such a useful tool for advertisers. “This will help advertisers optimize towards more precise reach and frequency, while ensuring that we continue to provide a suitable advertising experience for viewers,” Google reports in a recent blog post.

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I mean come on who wouldn’t love that–its basically a win win situation. Google goes on to explain that advertisers can choose a frequency objective of up to four times per week through Target Frequency. Even better, their systems will optimize for greatest unique reach at that chosen frequency.

Google’s Recent Work on Ads

This is just another step forward for Google in making Ads and campaigns more effective for the user and advertiser.

Earlier in October, Google announced the launch of Google Ads Content Suitability Center. Following that Google rolled out My Ad Center. Seems like ad usability and visibility are being prioritized by Google, which we love to hear!

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Google Launches My Ad Center October 2022


Have you ever noticed some strange ads on Google?

If so, you now have the power to make them disappear, at least on your pages. Google just announced that My Ad Center is getting a refresh! New privacy features will be rolling out as of today.

This update stretched across the globe, providing users on Google Search, Discover, and Youtube with more choice in what ads they see. You might be wondering why now? Well recently there have been mounting concerns that users are drifting away from search and social media sites due to privacy concerns.

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“Some 80% of social media users said they were concerned about advertisers and businesses accessing the data they share on social media platforms, and 64% said the government should do more to regulate advertisers,” according to Pew Research Center.

What’s New

Google’s My Ad Center will let you block ads that you don’t want to see. Users can now learn more about how your ads are personalized based on your information. What’s even more is you can use the new settings to remove ads with sensitive content.

Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP of Ads says explains that “my Ad Center was designed to give you more control over your ad experience on Google’s sites and apps.”

He continues by saying “you will never have to spend time searching for the right control or decoding how your information is used. Instead, you can manage your ad preferences without interrupting what you’re doing online.”

The first new feature everyone seems to be talking about it simple design of My Ad Center’s three-dot menu. Seeing too many ads about that fall vest you bought last month? You can use the menu to choose to see less or no ads of this kind. On the flip side, you can also choose to see ads you care about! Maybe you’re on the hunt early for a deal on a cozy winter jacket or boots.

Take a look at the menu in live action:

Don’t want to see ads personalized for you? No problem, Google’s My Ad Center has a setting for that too, and you can turn ad personalization off completely.

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Google also says “there also may be certain ad topics that you don’t want to engage with at all. With My Ad Center, you can choose to limit ads related to topics such as alcohol, dating, weight loss, gambling, pregnancy and parenting.”

I mean what’s not to love with theses new changes!

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