YouTube Is Adding New Features For Shorts Introduced Just Before The New Year

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Ho Ho Ho! YouTube is acting Santa this year and they’ve got some gifts for their users.

The platforms’ scheduled Creator Insider Video, the last one of this year, bundled together a couple surprises for creators. The line-up of new features includes a new shorts metrics display and a collection of post presentation options.

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With short form content becoming the leading form of monetization for creators, it’s no surprise that they’ve included some new metrics options.

Introducing Shorts Metrics

YouTube is introducing the shorts metrics which comes in a report only available in the mobile YouTube Studio App according to Social Media Today.

“The Shorts remix report highlights all of your Shorts clips that have been used to make other Shorts, and displays the number of times that your content has been remixed, along with remix views”, Social Media Today reports.

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Basically, it’s another way for creators to track the performance of their short form content. In 2022, YouTube Shorts have had a big year and it seems like with all these new additions 2023 will be just as big or bigger.

YouTube’s Take on Metrics

YouTube has has these metrics plans in the works for a while now and here’s what they have to say on roll out:

“Currently, impressions are the only metric shown on the key metrics card for posts in studio. This week, we’ll be adding additional metrics to the card, including likes and subscribers on both mobile and web.”

In short, you’ll see more different up-front facts provided in the app, which may aid to draw attention to new factors in your strategic planning.

The YouTube for Creators website now has a new live-streaming overview section that provides a variety of instructions, ideas, and recommendations for your streaming approach.

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Instagram Introduces New Tools


Are you feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of Instagram notifications?

Fear not, my friends! Instagram is coming to the rescue with some awesome new tools to help you take control of your in-app experience. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to a more relaxed and personalized experience on the gram. With these new tools, you’ll be able to take a break when you need it and curate the content that shows up in your feed. So, take a deep breath and let’s dive into these new features!

First things first, have you heard about Instagram’s new ‘Quiet Mode’? It’s a game-changer, trust me! This feature allows you to turn off all notifications, add a ‘Quiet Mode’ notifier to your profile status, and even include an auto-responder on your DMs. You can manually set your Quiet Mode time in the app and let your contacts know that you’re taking a break.

This is super useful for teens who might want to take some time for themselves, or for those who want to focus at night while studying or during school. Once you turn off Quiet Mode, Instagram will show you a quick summary of notifications so you don’t miss anything important. It’s like hitting the “mute” button on the world and taking a break, without missing anything important.

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What Quiet Mode?

Here’s the thing, Instagram is smart. It’s not just a social media app, it’s a friend that looks out for you. That’s why Instagram is specifically prompting teens to use Quiet Mode if it detects that they’re spending a significant amount of time on the app late at night.

We all know how easy it can be for teens to get caught up in the FOMO trap and feel like they have to be online all the time, but it’s important for them to take breaks and give their brains some rest. The new prompts and notifications will help them think about this, and also make users feel more comfortable, knowing that their friends won’t feel like they’re being ignored when they take a break. It’s like having a friend that reminds you to take a break, and also let’s your friends know that you’re just taking a break, not ignoring them.

Good news, everyone! Quiet Mode is now available to all users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with more regions coming soon. So, next time you feel like you need a break, just turn on Quiet Mode and take some time for yourself. No more feeling guilty for taking a break, just hit the “Quiet Mode” button and you’re all set.

Now, let’s talk about the new self-moderation tools that Instagram is introducing. You know when you’re scrolling through your feed and you see a post that you’re just not feeling? Well, Instagram has got you covered. One of the most exciting features is the ability to hide recommended posts in the app based on keywords.

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You can add words, emojis or hashtags that you want to avoid and Instagram will no longer recommend content with those words in the caption or the hashtag. This way, you’ll be able to train the algorithm to your preferences and improve your Instagram experience. It’s like having a magic wand to make the content you see on your feed more relevant and enjoyable to you.

Instagram is always looking for ways to make your experience on the app better, and one of the newest features is the ability to hide multiple posts at once within Explore that you aren’t interested in. It’s super simple, all you have to do is tap the ‘Hide more’ prompt on the initial alert, and you’ll have the option to add a selection of posts that you don’t want to see. This way, Instagram will better understand your content preferences and show you more of what you like. It’s like having a personal butler for your feed, only showing you the content you want to see.

Leveling Up

It’s worth mentioning that Instagram plans to double the amount of recommended posts in user feeds by the end of 2023, with more than 15% of content displayed to Instagram users now coming from its AI recommendation tools. As this happens, it’s inevitable that the algorithm will make some mistakes, but with these new self-moderation tools, you’ll have more ways to train the algorithm to your preferences, and significantly improve your Instagram experience.

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Think of it like having a personal trainer for your feed, it’s going to get better and better with every “like” and “hide” you do.

Finally, Instagram is being a good digital parent, by adding a new element within its Family Center that will enable parents to better monitor their kids’ privacy and account settings. This way, parents will be able to see their teen’s Instagram settings, including privacy and account settings, and will receive a notification if their teen updates a setting.

This is a great way for parents to have more control over their kids’ online activity and ensure their safety. It’s like having a digital nanny that keeps an eye on your kid’s online activity and keeps you informed.

All in all, these new features are designed to give us more control over our Instagram experience and make it more enjoyable. It’s like having a personal assistant for your Instagram experience, making sure that you’re only seeing what you want to see, and that your friends know when you’re taking a break.

With these new tools, Instagram is taking a step forward to make our social media experience better and more enjoyable.

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Twitter Is Rolling Out Adjacency Controls


At Twitter, these days it seems like things change as fast as the bird beats its wings!

As many are already aware, the Chief of Twitter, Elon Musk, might be stepping down sooner than expected. Since he’s been running the show, things at Twitter have been on a spiral.

Some consider it an upward spiral, being in favour of reinstating formerly blocked users and promoting free speech.

However, others see Musk’s reign as more of a downward spiral into misinformation, hateful comments, and a dumpster fire of conspiracy theories. One thing that has been particularly an issue since Musk started at Twitter was the assurance of brand safety.

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Social Media Today reports that during a corporate Twitter meeting, a significant issue “between Twitter execs and ad industry folk was brand safety, and how Twitter will be able to ensure that their ads are not displayed alongside offensive content.”

Luckily, Twitter has been able to come up with some new options to ease concerns amongst ad partners.

Introducing Adjacency Controls

To solve the problem of offensive content being shown beside ads, Twitter is rolling out Adjacency Controls.

This new feature is supposed to give advertisers more control over where their ads are being displayed on Twitter. It’s intended to make sure that ads aren’t popping up beside something offensive or explicit. More specifically, that means advertisers can control which tweets are visible beside their ads and which aren’t.

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Here’s what Twitter says about the adjacency controls in a blog post:

“To start, these controls will apply to adjacent Tweets in English only, and we’ll roll out to other languages shortly. Empowering brands to customize their campaigns to prevent their ads from appearing adjacent to unsuitable content is an important step towards increased ad relevance on Twitter.”

Partnering with DoubleVerify & Integral Ad Science

To step up their game even more, Twitter will be partnering with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science. Social Media Today reports a statement from Twitter on the matter.

“In early Q1 2023, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science will offer their post-bid brand safety reporting for Tweets in our Home Timeline at scale to our advertising partners. This reporting will give advertisers transparency on the context in which their ads served, according to the GARM Brand Safety & Suitability Framework.”

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For the time being, this feature and the partnerships are still coming together. But due to all the previously banned account that have been reinstated, brand safety risk is at an all time high.

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