Users Can Now Tip Their Favourite Youtuber Introducing "Super Thanks"

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YouTube unveiled their new monetization tool called Super Thanks, formerly known as Viewer applause. Super Thanks lets fans support their favourite channels while giving creators access to a new source of revenue. After a successful test period, this feature will now be available for eligible creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

Viewers in an eligible location can buy a one-time animation on videos and send a personalized comment that will let them stand out in the comment section. They can both donate to their favourite creator and share a message to the world with their colourful comment. In return, creators get an extra source of revenue.

The cost of a Super Thanks depends on the viewer. They can donate from $2 up to $50, depending on their generosity that day. The creators keep 70% of what viewers give.

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How To Turn On Super Thanks?

To set up Super Thanks you have to:

  • Go to your YouTube Studio desktop and click under Monetization
  • Click the Supers tab
  • In the upper right corner you will see a Super Thanks toggle – simply turn it on.

As soon as you turn Super Thanks on, a Thanks button will automatically appear under your videos, regardless of when they have been posted. It will not appear on live streams or Premieres.

If for any reason you decide to turn off the Super Thanks, the Thanks button will be removed, but you will still be able to see your previous earnings.

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How To Manage Super Thanks Comments

If you would like your comment section to consist of Super Thanks comments, you can go to YouTube Studio on desktop and select Comments from the navigation menu on the left where you can filter the content. From your YouTube Studio Dashboard, you can review, reply, like or delete comments.

Reviewing The Super Thanks Revenue

You guessed it – you also do this in YouTube Studio. In the Analytics Section, go to Revenue. Then, under Transaction Revenue, you will be able to see your total Super Thanks earnings.

To see your Super Thanks earning per video, you go to the Content section and select the video you want to check. Then go to Analytics > Revenue and look for SUper Thanks under “Transaction revenue”.

But, what’s the big deal? Why is this important? Because creators are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Who knows, maybe ads on YouTube Videos will become a thing of the past now that everyone can help by contributing!

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Facebook’s Officially The Boomers’ App


According to a recent study, teenagers ages 13 to 17 don’t like Facebook anymore. Shocking? Not really. Millennials stopped using Facebook as they did the minute boomers found out about it, so this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise, really.  But, now you have an official confirmation of what’s going on.

Search Engine Journal reports how the percentage of US teens who say they use Facebook dropped from 71% to merely 32%. To do Facebook justice, 71% was a result of a survey seven years ago, when there was no TikTok and the attention span was much higher.

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TikTok Is Not The Most Popular App

However, even TikTok didn’t win this battle, according to the Pew Research Center survey that this SEJ article talks about. YouTube takes the medal there, with 95% of American teens saying that’s their favourite platform. Yes, use this information the next time you’re working on your marketing strategy. Please do.

TikTok did take the silver medal in this survey, with 67% of teens using the app the most. The third most popular app is Instagram with 62%, Snapchat takes fourth place with 59% and Facebook surpasses Twitter which is at sixth place with 23%. Tumblr somehow made it to the top 10, at number 10.  Newcomers to the list are Whatsapp, TikTok, Reddit and Twitch.

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Interestingly, girls use TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat more, while boys use Twitch and Reddit. YouTube is more popular among boys. More Black and Hispanic teens reported using TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp compared with White teens.

Access To Devices Also Increased

Understandably, more teens have phones today than they did back in 2015. The survey says 95% of teens have a smartphone, up from 73% seven years ago. Furthermore, 97% of teens say they use the Internet daily.

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Instagram Subscriptions Tests Three New Features


Instagram continues to test its subscription option. It began doing this back in January when only a handful of content creators got to test it. Now, this option is available for tens of thousands of creators in the States. Here are the new features:

  • Subscriber Chats
  • Subscriber Reels
  • Subscriber Posts
  • Subscriber Home
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New Way For Creators To Make A Living

As Adam Mosseri stated in his announcement, by adding these features, Instagram is following its goal to give creators more options for making money. With subscriptions, they can actually make a sustainable (and predictable) income, while offering their biggest fans exclusive content. Sounds like a win-win situation.

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Subscriber chats – creators can interact directly with their fans in DMs. There is a limit of 30 different chats at a time. They’re powered by messenger and disappear after 24 hours.

Feed Posts – creators can post photos and videos just to their subscribers, regardless of if you’re posting Reels or Posts.  On the other hand, subscribers will be able to find a subscriber home on the creator’s profile and find all their exclusive content.

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Why This Matters?

Brands and small businesses use social media for both connecting with their audience and promotions. So, they could benefit from subscriber-only features and offer their biggest fans exclusive content and promos, for example. In return – they get an extra income from subscriptions which they can then use on investing in their business and improving their brand. Or charity!

It will be interesting to see how creators and brands will use these new features.

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