Unconfirmed Google Update Sparks Wave of Chatter in SEO Community Google Appears to Rollout Small Update Two Weeks After June Core Update

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Google sure knows how to keep us on our toes! Fresh off of the 2021 June Core Update, it appears that another smaller unconfirmed update rolled out last weekend.

This is evidenced by an influx of chatter within the SEO community, along with fluctuations picked up by search tools.

It’s possible that the June 2021 Core Update is still rolling out and causing these fluctuations, however, Google is known to push out smaller updates here and there that would cause this type of reaction. Plus, it’s pretty uncommon to see so much chatter this long after a core update rollout. For context, the most recent core update began rolling out two weeks ago. Either way, it’s clear something was brewing over the weekend.

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What the Community Had to Say

Here are some quotes from SEOs commenting on Webmaster World that convey the serious impact this update had:

“I am seeing a 50% drop in visits to my home page between June 1 and today…a straight line downward. That coincides with higher apparent views of interior pages and landing pages of lesser importance, so the overall drop isn’t as severe as the drop in traffic to my home page.”

“Many of us are seeing the exact same thing…strong start to the morning then traffic goes down to nothing all day until the evening. One day direct traffic vanishes, the next day search traffic is low. English language traffic is way off, especially USA. Also, my most important landing pages have been blitzed, some down 70% today.”

“It happened again. My top affiliate has been removed from the first page (I cant even see him in the first 5 pages). Does anyone have a suggestion why the top spot for certain keywords change at certain hours? It can’t be a penalty or random.” 

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A couple of days have passed since the chatter began, so it’s likely that things are now starting to stabilize. However, be sure to check in on your rankings along with organic traffic from over the weekend and keep track of anything unusual going on.

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Data Reveals That Google Search Results Have Been 68% More Volatile in 2021


Considering how many algorithm updates have been rolling out these past few weeks, we’re not surprised to report that Google Search results were 68% more volatile on desktop and 85% more volatile on mobile this year, according to Semrush data.

The data was published this week by Semrush’s head of communications, Mordy Oberstein.To get these results, Semrush looked at data between January 2021 through October 2021. In this context, high volatility translates to a score of five out of ten through eight out of ten on the Semrush Sensor tool.

Breaking down the data even further, Oberstein explained on Twitter that over 50% of the days in 2021showed above normal levels of volatility on desktop and mobile. Pretty wild, right?

In the end, these insights only confirm what we’ve been reporting all along – something is going on over at Google this year causing high levels of volatility. And while it may not be the best idea to obsess over every little ranking dip, it’s important to remain informed and know that this isn’t an isolated issue that only you are experiencing.

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Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update Rolls Out October 15th – October 18th


Not to sound like a broken record, but, here we go yet again. Google sure knows how to keep the SEO community on its toes, as evidenced by another recent unconfirmed  Google search ranking algorithm update.

For those who haven’t been keeping tabs, this is one of at least six updates to roll out in the last couple of weeks.

The most recent one appears to have rolled out between October 15 and 18, according to Search Engine Journal.

While nothing too crazy seems to have occurred, chatter in the search engine forums shows that many SEOs are experiencing significant effects.

 For instance, some have reported drops in traffic between 20 and 30 percent, along with rankings for their main keyword phrases.

 Here are a few direct quotes taken from WebmasterWorld that support this:

“Huge decline so far this morning in traffic… -20% or so. Haven’t ever seen this happen before….” 

“Starting the morning with a massive decline in USA traffic, -74% at 10:30am. CA -40%, home page down 40%. UK / AU normal. Rather than the usual starting off normal and dropping off a cliff at 8-9am sharp, today traffic has been very low across every hour. This is happening so often now that you really can’t call in an “update”…Google just goes from massive decline to the next 2-3X a week now…traffic has been abysmal since September 14th.”

“Search is down 30% and direct is down 35% as of 12:30pm today…what a freakin catastrophe Google is every day now.”

 “Even for a Saturday this is very quiet, 15 hours of my Googleday gone and traffic at 26% of average. The last 3-4 hours of my Friday night were also quiet.”

 “Saturday traffic was relatively normal, but today USA and UK traffic are both down more than 40%. My daily home page traffic is perpetually down for weeks, sometimes by as much as 60% on any given day. This was also the case in June, when my home page would just vanish from the SERPs every other day.”

Here’s what the tracking tools had to say:



Advanced Web Rankings:

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