Meta Updates Privacy Policy Offers More Clarity and Illustrative Examples

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Meta has published an updated version of its Privacy Policy, formerly known as Data Policy. It will offer more clarification of what information they collect, use, and share.

By doing that, Meta is probably trying to respond to revolving privacy regulations around the world, as well as the feedback they got from users and privacy experts.

The revamped Privacy Policy goes into effect in July. It will be more transparent and offer clearer explanations of data security, written in an easy-to-follow language. It will also have more illustrative examples, which should help users better understand the various scenarios their data can be used in.

That will make it easier for them to take action if they choose to.

However, if the users want to take action, they will need to click through the Privacy Policy and inspect all the provided information, which no one ever does. But, Meta is rolling out new in-app notifications that will alert the users of changes.

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“Our goal with this update is to be more clear about our data practices; one way we’ve done this is through additional details and examples throughout. At Meta, we’ve always set out to build personalized experiences that provide value without compromising your privacy. So, it’s on us to have strong protections for the data we use and be transparent about how we use it.” – Meta explained.

Also, Meta’s rolling out new post-level default settings, which should increase your control over your content on Facebook.

Until now, your default audience for posts was based on the audience you chose most recently. Now, if someone selects a default audience, that audience selection will apply to new Facebook posts they share to their timeline unless they select a different audience for that post. Therefore, if you had just made your post a public one, all your subsequent posts would be public too.

By using this new setting, you can be sure you’re sharing your posts with the right people.

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