Meta: Facebook Reels Have Branded Content Tags Meta's Latest Move in Monetization

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Meta has taken another stride forward in creating options for short form creators to monetize their content.

Branded Content tags are now available for Facebook Reel creators to use. This will help Reel creators monetize their content while partners can receive notifications about the post.

What Is It?

Branding content tags are labels that can be added to a piece of content created by someone which features a brand or third party’s product. Tags are the latest feature that Meta is introducing in helping to create branded content.

Meta explains Branded content as:

“produced by a publisher or creator for payment by a business partner, where the partner influences the content or is featured in it.”

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The branded content tag is presented on Facebook Reels as a ‘Paid Partnerships with’, where partners can “…convert these Reels to Branded Content Ads (‘Sponsored with’ label).” So not only are content creators benefiting but so are business partners and brands. Essentially, once a brand is tagged in the content, they will get a run-down of metrics from your post.

Here’s a step by step guide to creating a branded content post on Facebook Reels:

Meta Focusing In On Monetization

This isn’t the only move Meta has made recently in creating monetization options for content creators. Facebook Reels are on the come up for sure, but Meta has also had to focus attention on Instagram’s options for creators to make money.

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In late August, Meta was spied testing Instagram Gifts as a way for content creators to receive tips or donations from users on their content. You might be wondering why Meta is making so many changes as of late. Well, its because ever since TikTok came on the scene, short form content has been taking over. In other words, that’s where it at if you want to make more coin on platforms.

Short Form Content Battles

Its not just Meta that’s upping their game either, TikTok is even having to boost their strategies for monetization. YouTube’s Shorts have made waves lately and we wouldn’t be surprised if they take the lead in short form content.

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Platforms these days seem to adapt each others strategies, but Meta’s branding content tags is an effective and versatile features that will keep creators and brands happy.

Julia Cashion