Google's Link Spam Update Begins Rolling Out Rollout of Update Expected to Take the Standard Two Weeks

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Google has officially begun rolling out the new Link Spam Update just two days after announcing the update to the world. 

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This latest update comes after numerous other recent algorithm updates from Google, including a massive core update earlier this month.

This is Google’s third spam related update so far this year.

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Announced on July 26, the Link Spam Update is intended to “nullify” link spam. What this means is that instead of penalizing spam links, Google will simply ignore them. However, for many, this may feel like you are being penalized.

So, what exactly does this new update mean for you? If you have been focusing your efforts on “spammy links,” you could see your rankings drop over the next few weeks.

So far, it doesn’t appear as if many sites are being impacted, but the update is still in its early days, and Google did state that the rollout would take two weeks. We can expect a bit more turmoil over the coming weeks. 

Search Engine Round Table, however, has reported some signs of ranking fluctuations from SEO tools, but that hasn’t yet spilled over to Twitter or SEO discussion forums yet.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush ranking fluctuations


MOZ Cast ranking fluctuations 

That’s all we really know right now. But, as always, we’ll keep you updated as things move forward.

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