Google Launches July Core Update Core Update Follows Google's 'Hot Streak' of Updates

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Google kicked off July with a bang. The tech company began rolling out a core update on July 1. They announced this in a tweet posted to the Google SearchLiaison Twitter account:

SEOs know that Google has plenty of different types of updates – but the core update is significant. When Google launches one, it makes broad changes to its search algorithms that affect what metrics are used to rank pages on SERPs. In other words, SEOs and site owners should pay close attention to their sites’ performance following a core update.

The new core update is the second of its kind to be launched this summer – previously, Google began rolling out a core update on June 2, completing the launch on June 12.

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During the June core update’s rollout, Google explained that they had previously planned to launch one core update, but would instead split it into two: one for June and one for July.

In June, Google tweeted that some aspects of the update weren’t ready to launch, but they still wanted to begin the rollout.

The company also explained that the dual nature of the launch could cause chaos.

“Because of the two-part nature of this release, it’s possible a very small slice of content might see changes in June that reverse in July,” the company explained.

Since it takes a while for the effects of a core update to set in, there’s no consensus on how the latest update will shift results. Considering that Google has been on a hot streak with updates – they recently launched two ‘spam updates’ – SEOs might need time to determine what actually caused the changes to their rankings, if any.

How the Update Has Affected the Web So Far

It takes time for the effects of an update to appear more clearly. The coming days will reveal how SEO enthusiasts and site owners respond to the latest update.

Prominent SEO blogger Barry Schwartz notes that the July update seems to have more noticeable results compared to the slow rollout seen with the June update.

Other industry experts, including Glenn Gabe and Lily Ray, have joined the conversation:

Our own VP of Search and Digital, Rob May, shared an analogy that captures the madness that follows Google’s updates:

Here’s what prominent search tracking tools are showing as of 11:00 a.m. on July 2, 2021.



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