Google Page Experience Update Coming to Desktop Search Engine Confirms that June Update Will Expand Beyond Mobile

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Get ready – the upcoming Google Page Experience Update, which was initially only supposed to apply to mobile sites, will now include desktop as well.

The official announcement was made yesterday at Google I/O by Jeffrey Jose, a Google Product Manager. Jose explained that while the Google page experience update will only look at mobile pages at first, Google is looking at rolling it out for desktop pages as well.

“Page experience is important on all types of surfaces. While we’re starting with mobile in mid-June, page experience ranking is coming to desktop as well!”Jose said on Twitter.

Jose also posted a link to a video titled “Preparing for page experience ranking  ,” that, you guessed it, explains how to prepare for the page experience update. 

The desktop rollout will not occur right away when the Page Experience Update launches for mobile pages in June. It is not yet known when the update will apply to desktop, however, Google says it will provide an update when the desktop version is expected to go live so SEOs and site owners can adequately prepare.

“As always we’ll be providing updated guidance, documentation and tools,” said Jose.

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