Google: Sponsored Label & Favicons Get A New Look The Latest Feature for Clearer Identification of Ads

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Google Ads latest change is to the sponsored label has finally become official!

Google has been testing this change for months now, many notices it in Google Search presented in bolded black text. This is the most recent change Google is making in their efforts to provide users with clear information that they feel confident clicking on. The fresh take on the presentation of sponsored ads label is officially a go.

What’s New

Well for starters, this label change sports a look that features black text in bold. This makes sponsored results on Google Search appear clearer and allows users to identify the result more effectively as an ad.

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In a statement released by Google, Manager Mona Vajolahi and Director Senthill Hariramasamy explain the reasons for the label change. Here’s what they had to say about the new changes.

“Part of helping you make sense of the information you see is ensuring that ads are clearly labeled, which is why our label will now be featured on its own line in the top-left corner of Search ads. We also want the label to be prominent and clear across different types of paid content,” said Vajolahi and Hariramasamy in a recent post.

Based on this, it seems like Google is aiming to make both the presentation and information about paid information clearer for users.

Besides changing the look of sponsored labels, Google also made some tweaks to the visual representation that goes alongside the label. Google says they’re “also updating the size and shape of the favicon (a website’s logo or icon) that appears in Search, to make it easier to see on the page”.

Take a look below for a peek at the brand new ad presentation!

Chatter on Twitter & What’s To Come

Since this change has been in the works for some time now, many users have been taking about it online. Ad expert Vincent Beima noticed the change alongside many others, read below for his tweet on the change.

Users can expect to see more changes from Google in the coming months, after all when do they ever stop.

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Did You Know Google’s Testing New Icons?


When you’re Googling, do you ever wish that you knew which sites you’d visited? Well, Google might be adding something that helps with that.

As Google puts it “Sitelinks are links from the same domain that are clustered together under a web result.” In other words, Google can link together site structures to provide users with shortcuts. This style of linking saves both time and makes for a more streamlined search.

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These sitelinks are already helpful for users but why not make it better? Well Google has done just that.

Google Sitelinks

Google appears to be testing a new icon feature for sitelinks. Its pretty similar to the icon that you’ll see when you go to type in search. The dropdown on search shows a clock, listing all the previously searched terms.

Google is trying out similar icons for sitelinks. Basically, it’s supposed to make searching easier and lets you know which pages on a site that you’ve already visited.

Chatter on Twitter

Some SEO experts have noticed this trial icon in Google Search and have taken the discussion to Twitter.

SEO experts Greg Bernhardt and Mordy Oberstein discussed the icon test over a thread on Twitter. Though Mordy Oberstein noticed the test first, Greg Bernhardt raised an interesting point about the sitelinks.

It’s interesting that the visited link changes color, yet is being tested with the icon. Here’s The discussion between Oberstein and Berhardt online.

Previous Testing with Sitelinks

This isn’t the first time that Google’s played around with sitelink icons. From testing with images to other icons, Google is always trying to add something new here.

In 2017 many noticed the auto-generated sitelink icons. Here’s what digital marketing specialist Josh Leibner has to say.

Considering, Google is only testing these icons for the time being and we have yet to hear an official statement about these icons being fully added to Google Search.

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Google is Launching 9 New Shopping Features


Google’s Search On 22 event was held just a couple of days ago and some big changes to the shopping experience were announced. In fact, a total of nine new shopping features and tools will be added to Google Search.

Google knows that shopping isn’t always about purchasing, in fact there are so many more components to the experience. Browsing, looking at new styles, or even checking back to see if there’s been a price drop on something you’ve been eyeing are all part of the shopping experience.

Buying is the end goal but so much more goes into online shopping and Google wants to make sure that your experience is top-notch.

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Google’s focus for the set of new shopping features is grounded in providing personalized results. While presenting items in a way that is visually engaging and immersive.

Here’s a run through of their new additions:

Use “Shop” to Begin your Search

Sometimes when you’re looking for a product you just type the name in. A visual feed of products and associated tools is presented in U.S. searches when adding ‘shop’ before the item you’re hunting for. What a great feature!

Well, you’re in luck because this is one of Google’s first additions to the shopping user experience. This search method was most common for apparel, but Google decided that’s not enough. Now, when users search ‘shop’ before their select product, they will be face to face with the same visual feed of products.

Use a “Look” to Shop

We’ve all heard the phrase in the fashion industry, “shop the look”. It’s also so annoying when you see a picture of a fit you want but you have no way of knowing where the items are from.

Well, you guessed it, Google has a solution to that too! Looking for a way to style your winter coat and match a pair of boots so you don’t look like a fashion catastrophe? Just search for the item and Google will not only provide you with so many great visual options but also complementary pieces.

Featuring Trending Products

Later this fall, Google will make available the trending products feature. This will enable users to search and see what others are looking for. With this feature, who knows maybe you’ll be the next trend setter!

Shopping in 3D

Earlier this year, Google added a 3D feature for home goods on Search. Now they’re taking it to the next level.

People interact with 3D images because they’re so engaging and you get a better idea of what the product looks like. Google will be adding shoes to the mix for 3D shopping, so look out for that soon!

Complex Purchasing Guide

No matter what you’re shopping for, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide what to pick. But have no fears, Google has a solution for that too!

The new complex purchasing guide will be available to users based on the specific product they are looking at. Based on the specific product, Google’s purchasing guide will offer you insights and info from verifiable sources.

Helping you make a more informed decision about which product to buy has never been easier.

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See what everyone else is thinking

In the coming months, page insights are expected to launch as a new shopping feature for users. You’ll no longer have to wonder if someone else would buy a product because you’ll have a good idea of it with this feature. Pros and cons, stars, and ratings are all bridged together to give users a better idea of how useful or quality a product is.

Personalized Results

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect bag or hat and coming up with no luck, well this Google feature can help out.

Now when you’re searching on Google for something, you will welcome this new feature that provides you with like items, similar to your previous searches. However, some might be concerned about privacy issues and if this feature isn’t’ for you, simply switch off the feature with the toggle bar.

Shopping with Unique Filters

Another one of Google’s new shopping features has to do with filters. The simple filters are no longer your only option, if you’re searching for something that has many options, you can filter it!

Take shoes for example. If you just search for that, you’ll have so many options. But this feature enables Google to provide you with specific filters to narrow your search, like heels, trainers, or sandals.

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Be Inspired by Google Discover

If you have the Google app, you’ll love this feature. The discover tab will begin to give you suggestions based on your recent shopping preferences. If you see a shopping suggestion, simply tap on it and you’ll be able to see where you can purchase it. I mean come on, what’s not to love!

Shopping Made Easier

With all these new features and tools, shopping is no longer a tedious task. Google has made it an exciting interactive and visual experience for users. In the coming month keep an eye out for some of these new features when you’re on the hunt.

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