Facebook Introduces Community Chats You Can Now Connect To Your Community In Real Time Via Messenger

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Facebook launched a new feature for Messenger and Facebook groups called Community Chats, Metas CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced via a Facebook post.  The goal is to expand the chat experience to more Facebook Groups, so the feature allows you to browse chats organized by announcements, topics, events and more. That way, you can connect with your group members on a deeper level, not just via comments and posts.

The new Community Chats, previewed earlier this year as “Community chat channels,” also resemble social collaboration platforms like Slack, Teams, and Zoom’s upcoming Team Chat. Yes, Meta finding inspiration from other apps isn’t exactly news. However, the social media mogul is still unsuccessfully trying to replicate TikTok with its Instagram Reels.

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Still, the chats seem to have some cool features, it doesn’t stop at texting. They offer support for audio channels as well, including up to 30 members. People can also turn on their cameras and present.

A new feature will begin testing in the “coming weeks”. Facebook will test a feature called Community Chat within Messenger, which will allow you to create a Facebook group for your casual group chat. Not all groups can access Chats now since the feature is currently only available for certain channels, but Meta says more groups will have the feature soon.

How Does It Work?

It’s on the group admins to choose from several options to help their community connect. The admins can start chats around specific topics, event chats for outings or meetups, broadcast chats for admins to announce group-wide updates or admin-only chats for collaboration with other admins. They can also create audio channels and allow group members to share live commentary.

Once in the audio channel, participants can also enable video. An example Facebook gave involves a chemistry class group. Admins of the group can create audio channels for study groups for chemistry students during finals season, and participants can turn on video for live tutoring during finals.

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Admins also got a suite of tools that will help them manage both chat and audio experiences: blocking, muting or suspending group members, and removing members or messages, as well as Admin Assist. The latter allows admins to s

Administrators will be able to use a variety of tools to keep their communities well-maintained, including auto-moderation features that can boot members who post illegal content. They can set custom criteria that will automatically suspend users and remove reported messages, or even stop some violating videos from being sent.

So, Why Is This Beneficial?

You can start a conversation in Groups by posting and commenting, but Community Chats offers a much more effective way. Instead of waiting for comments to accumulate under a post, you can dive right into the topic right then and there and receive real-time responses from your group members.

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Facebook Launches New NFT Display Options


The NFT hype is not going away anytime soon, and Meta is here to prove it. After launching NFT support on Instagram in May, Meta is launching digital collectibles support on Facebook, too. Just recently, Meta Product Manager Navdeep Singh tweeted about the launch of the new NFT display options on Facebook.

According to the screenshots he published, users can post NFTs on their timelines.  Just like within Instagram, you will be able to see the owner of the artwork, the artist behind it and a brief description of the piece.

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Photo Source: Twitter.com

How Will It Work?

Users will now be able to create custom NFT posts with a ‘Digital Collectible’ tag, and profiles will have a new section where they can show off their NFT art. Meta said that posting and sharing a digital collectible will be free of charge. However, converting digital collectible posts into ads is not allowed – yet.

The new feature is not available for all users. As was the case with Instagram in May, Facebook is starting the feature by offering it to a select group of creators in the US with a plan to expand to other regions.

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Facebook will offer support for Ethereum, Polygon, and all major exchanges by using the NFT details on the public blockchain. Also, NFT owners will be able to confirm their ownership by connecting their Rainbow, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask accounts.

The company also says it’s aware of the sustainability concerns connected to NFTs. To handle that, they’ve purchased renewable energy that should reduce the emissions impact associated with digital collectibles, TechCrunch reports.

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Even though the NFT sales are in a 92% decline, Meta still sees the potential of the NFT market, especially when it comes to the future of metaverse and the representation of social status it comes with.

As Social Media Today noted, it seems like Meta wants to facilitate the sale of virtual items in its apps which is why it’s experimenting so much with an NFT marketplace.

Take a look at a Twitter discussion:

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Meta Introducing New Monetization Tools For Creators


Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced they’re launching new tools for creators to make money. He announced that in a Facebook thread. He also highlighted that they will introduce a revenue share which will be less than the 30% Apple and the others take.

Throwing shade much?

Zuckerberg mentioned six new updates:

  • More money for creators
  • Interoperable Subscriptions
  • Facebook Stars
  • Monetizing Reels
  • Creator Marketplace
  • Digital Collectibles

Let’s have a look at what each update means.

Screenshot was taken on June 22, 2022
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More Money For Creators

There will be no revenue sharing on events, subscriptions, badges, or bulletins until 2024. It was originally planned to do that until 2023, but Zuck has now announced that it will continue to do so for an extra year.

Interoperable Subscriptions

This allows creators to give their paying subscribers access to subscriber-only Facebook Groups. The big deal here is that people don’t have to be subscribed to the creator on Facebook- they can be subscribers on any other platform.

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Facebook Stars

Facebook Stars is a virtual good that lets fans show their favourite creators some love and vice versa. These will now be available to all eligible creators. That should help them earn more money from Reels, Lives, and VOD videos.

Monetizing Reels

Facebook will open up the Reels Play Bonus Program to more creators on Facebook. They will be able to cross-post their Instagram Reels o Facebook and money from them there as well.

Creator Marketplace

This is still in the testing phase. Basically, it will be a place on Instagram where creators can get discovered and get paid, while brands will be able to share their new partnership opportunities. I thought of this as a job ad site for influencers?

Digital Collectibles

We heard this term before. Adam Mosseri announced Digital Collectibles last month that Instagram will start testing NFTs with select creators in the States. Yesterday, Zuckerberg announced that the test will be expanded, which means more creators can display their NFTs on Insta. The plan is to bring this possibility to Facebook too and enable cross-posting for this feature.

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Facebook doesn’t really know when it will launch these new tools and features, but it’s important to know what’s in the making, especially if you’re a creator. Gotta know your options! Also, take a look at what people have to say about this.

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