Facebook's Home Tab WIll Be A Discovery Engine Your Friends' Posts Will Be In Feeds

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Remember that leaked memo we talked about, about a month ago? The one about Facebook restructuring its main feed? It’s happening!

Social media platforms are still on a quest to make themselves look and feel more like TikTok, and Facebook isn’t an exception.  As part of the effort to make Facebook attract more users and increase engagement, the app is in the middle of a make-over with two big changes coming in. You will now have:

  • the Home tab – will have more personalized content recommendations and offer more Reels and Stories, and
  • the Feeds tab – will let you see your friends’ posts, Favorites, groups and Pages.

Mark Zuckerberg announced this in a Facebook post, and the rollout is almost done.

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Facebook has also published an official announcement in which they explained what’s coming up. As the Verge noticed in their article, it sounds like the News Feed is splitting in two and that the priority is being given to the discovery part of the update.

How Will It Work?

The Home Tab is what you’ll see when you first open the app. In this tab, you will be able to discover new content, create Reels, see what your friends are sharing, and more. It will be fully personalized and customized to fit you, your habits, and your interests,  using AI and machine learning.

We’re investing in AI to best serve recommended content in this ranked experience.”

The Home tab will therefore serve more as a discovery engine, just like one other app we’re familiar with *cough, cough*.

Feed tab, on the other hand, will be the tab showing only the content you’ve decided to see – so, like your friends’ fishing trips or your neighbourhood group. Glenn Gabe shared a photo of what it will all look like:

At first, you might not really see the point of doing this since nothing is actually going away. But, for marketers and content creators, the Home tab might actually be a useful tool. Because of more content suggestions people will receive, marketers have an opportunity to build or expand their audience on Facebook. That could also help Facebook bring back the users it lost to TikTok.

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