YouTube Tests More Insights on Channel Recommendation Also, More Options For Creating Shorts Incoming!

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In a recent video announcement, YouTube introduced us to incoming updates and experiments on the platform. Among other things, they too are inspired by some of TikToks features, like the one for replying to comments with a video.

Here’s what’s new on YouTube.

Comment Stickers In Shorts Testing

YouTube Shorts seems like a big priority for YouTube at the moment.

Just like creators on Instagram and TikTok can reply to a follower’s comment via video,  creators on YouTube can do the same.

Well, some of them are yet to be able to do so.  This is an option that will be tested on a small group of creators on IOS. They will be able to reply to Video On Demand and Shorts comments with a sticker in their Shorts Video.

YouTube hopes to inspire more short-form content creation this way.

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Expansion Of Places Mentioned

Earlier this year, the platform added a feature that allowed showing Google Maps information in the description box for places mentioned in the video. The feature could be used by specific restaurants and cafes on mobile, but now the whole shebang is being extended. This now includes travel, businesses and recreation.

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Data Stories Recommendations Testing

As seen in the comments below the video, knowing how exactly YouTube recommends videos and channels is a burning topic among the creator community.

That’s why YouTube will run an experiment among a small group of creators who will get to see data story in Analytics and an explanation on audience signals that affect recommendations based on their content. They will also get more context on their performance and benchmarks.

Channel Editing On Mobile Available

A small but important option is coming into existence – the ability to edit the channel name, banner, avatar and description to Studio Mobile. The feature will be available or everyone by the end of the month.

You can learn more about these updates in the video below:

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