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To compete in today’s digital world, a business must have a robust website but there are some things you just can’t DIY, unless you happen to be one of the chosen few with the gift of technological mumbo-jumbo, including SEO. Can you imagine a business today that doesn’t have a website? It sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it! If you run or are planning to run a business in Ottawa, you need a website, so you’re going to need the services of an Ottawa web design company proficient in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is at the the root of a successful on-line presence but if you’re not a technologically-savvy person, understanding SEO will make you feel about as intelligent as a gnat. Save yourself the headache and hire an Ottawa web design firm that understands SEO for you. In principle (if you don’t factor in SEO), building a website seems fairly simple: write some content lauding the greatness of your business; come up with some nice visuals to make it look pretty; and put some thought into organizing it so people can find info as easily as possible. Voilà! If only it were that easy. The truth is that what people actually see when they are looking at your website is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s underneath is incredibly complex, especially when you factor in SEO practices. In simple terms, SEO applies techniques that will increase the likelihood of search engines putting your website in the top results of someone’s on-line search. How this is achieved is best left to the pros. Experts from a reputable Ottawa web design agency can ensure that your website contains all the SEO elements necessary for search engines to find you among the billions of pages on the internet. Things like indexable content, crawlable links, keyword targeting, URL structures, all sorts of tags, and something called canonicalization (have your eyes glazed over yet?). The internet is a mind-blowingly complex machine of epic proportions and not everyone is equipped to fully understand it. That’s the beauty of doing business today, you can find external experts to supplement your permanent staff for just about every imaginable task, including (thankfully) web design and SEO. Let a recognized Ottawa web design team help you navigate these complexities and build you the website that search engines will love.

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