Why Regularly Updating Business Blogs is Imperative to SEO

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In 2013, digital research company Technorati released a report showing that more than 31% of all consumers depend on business blog posts to help them decide which products they should purchase. When consumers search for relevant information on their favorite companies, products, and brands, they generally expect to find recently updated content written in an authentic and authoritative tone. While social media has helped businesses connect with potential consumers on a macro level, business blog posts have been shown to have more influence comparatively. Hiring a digital marketing agency isn’t just necessary for B2C based businesses. According to Social Media B2B, companies who market their services directly to other companies can increase lead generation by up to 67% by regularly updating their blogs. This is solid statistical evidence which shows that SEO marketing and maintaining a business blog posting schedule increases profitability. In a 2013 survey conducted by Content+, businesses with regularly updated blogs reported a 97% increase in leads. Choosing a digital marketing agency that can help you to find more customers is only one part of the process. Tailoring your business blog posts to suit your customers’ tastes is yet another, but ultimately, timing is the most crucial element. When a customer first visits your business blog, the tone should have already been set. With regular blog post updates, you can work on cultivating a relationship, which will lead to increased brand recognition and overall trust from your customer base. This is why you should work with a digital marketing agency with a proven track record. The bottom line is that high quality content posted on a consistent basis is great for business owners. The more relevant content your digital marketing agency produces, the more customers you can expect to attract. Think of your business blog as a web. As a spider spins its thread, building, growing and reinforcing its web, it is inevitable that more insects will be caught. Although SEO tactics are constantly changing, the importance of quality content will always be vital to businesses. Investing in your business blog won’t just make SEO optimization easier to attain, it will also impress potential buyers.

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