Why Invest in Both Pay-Per-Click and Organic SEO

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PPC & Organic SEONew Businesses Can Benefit Greatly from Combining PPC with Organic Search My first experience with marketing in any medium was when I met a DJ and promoter of Ottawa’s underground music scene. He had started hosting a weekly alternative music night at a local bar, and needed to get the word out, so he had several hundred flyers designed and printed, and then distributed them himself at each place he visited. A few people took an interest and started coming out, and eventually they started to bring their friends, and those people brought their friends, and so on. He slowly created genuine buzz around his event and eventually no longer needed the flyers, except for special events. I didn’t realize it back then, but my enterprising friend helped me learn a lot about marketing and his strategy for growing his audience over time through paid and “natural” efforts corresponds to how a pay-per-click (PPC) and an organic search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy can effectively work together. They are two separate services; however, when used in combination as a single approach can help new businesses grow and flourish. What are Organic and Paid Search? When you conduct an online search, you almost invariably get two different kinds of results: paid ads, and organic results. These both got onto your results page by different methods, and we’ll explain each. Paid results are part of a business’ PPC campaign. They have purchased this ad space, bid on targeted keywords, and they only pay when their ads are clicked on. Paid advertising allows you to target specific demographics like age, gender, location, and more. When you buy these ads, they will appear on the first results page within 24-48 hours, but keep in mind that their click-through rate varies. Users with the intention of buying, especially for specific products, are more likely to click on a paid result. However, as soon as you discontinue PPC advertising your ad disappears from the results page. Organic results are achieved over time through compounded, consistent efforts. Having your website listed in the organic section on the search engine results page requires a well-executed continuous strategy. However, the efforts are well worth the investment as between 70-80% of people click on websites in this section. This is because like word-of-mouth users tends to trust organic results more than they trust ads – they perceive a well-ranked site as being authoritative on most subjects. With ongoing SEO, your page can continue to rank well for a long time. So How Should they be used Together? As mentioned, organic SEO takes time – it can be weeks before a new site is indexed, and months before it ranks. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get some traffic. Just like how my friend the DJ used flyers early on, you can use paid search to attract people to your website before it’s indexed. And just like growing word-of-mouth awareness around local events, these people engage with you, tell their friends about you, and share you on social media, giving you clout with the search engines. That way, when your site is properly indexed and begins to rank, that influence and traffic will boost your natural or organic rankings. By using the benefits of two different strategies to your advantage, you have the power to substantially boost your business while it’s still in its early stages. If you’re interested in putting PPC and organic SEO to work for you, the digital marketing experts at SEO TWIST are here to help.

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