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Sinan-Research2-1024x381 In today’s über digitized market, having a great website is a top priority for any successful business. In fact, your website’s ability to attract customers, engage them to explore your site and motivate them to respond to your call-to action is closely linked to your business’ survival. Having an outdated, badly designed website is almost worse than having no website at all. Customers today are internet-savvy and have high expectations for their on-line experiences. If your website doesn’t deliver, it’s an embarrassment to your company and will affect your credibility and your popularity, which of course, will affect your bottom-line. If your website is under-performing, it is imperative that you figure out why and put in place the necessary improvements soon as possible or risk losing more and more clients every day. At this point, chances are that your internal web team either doesn’t have the right skills to recognize the issues or they’re too close to see them objectively. The best approach is to bring in an expert from a digital marketing agency; someone from the outside who is an expert in web design and can look at your site with fresh, “untainted” eyes. A digital marketing agency can provide website evaluation services to help you identify issues and recommend solutions. A website evaluation will look at a variety of factors to determine where your problem areas are: Is your site visually attractive? Is the information accurate and well-written? Is your site’s architecture user-friendly enough? Does your site use outdated technology? Does it apply current strategic web design and marketing practices? For people who don’t work in web design, it can be quite overwhelming to consider all the elements that go into a proper, high-functioning website. Strategic web design is founded on a combination of in-depth technical and non-technical knowledge and expertise in internet technology, programming, communications, writing, graphic design, psychology, and sales and marketing adapted specifically to the on-line environment. It’s rare – if not impossible – to find all these skills and knowledge in one individual. Web design requires a team approach which brings together talented professionals who are experts in different areas. The proliferation of digital marketing agencies attests to this fact: web design is a highly-skilled field in great demand. For some businesses, the website evaluation from an outside third-party is sufficient and they have internal teams that can implement recommendations. However, if you don’t have the resources or the skills internally, you should hire a digital marketing agency to undertake your complete web design project, from website evaluation to building a new and improved website you can be proud to associate with your brand.

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