Using Google’s New AdWords Feature to Get More Sales

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google adwords In the cosmic world of online advertising, there are times when it seems your ad might just get lost in the “sea” of all other ads. This is very likely in part due to the fact that your ad, like many, may lack creativity and might even look more or less the same as the others. Larry Kim called this phenomena ad fatigue, and he actually coined the phrase “AdWords jackpot”. Luckily, in September 2014, Google released an update call “ad customizer”, which will give wings to you or your Google certified SEM manager to exercise more marketing creativity, and create Google pay-per-click ads that have dynamic content, stronger call to actions, and ultimately help you sell more of your “fish” online.

How do Ad Customizers Work?

It works like this: Ad customizers mean that you can now add dynamic content to the previously static, less appealing text ads. Take for instance how useful this feature is for online retailers that are trying to optimize their sales for a particular time-dependent offer. They want to create a sense of urgency with their target audience, so as the clock counts down, the number of hours remaining and displaying on the ad updates (diminishes) accordingly, thereby encouraging buyers to click and make a purchase. For example: “Only 9 hours remaining to get winter’s warmest boots at 40% off”. The dynamic element–the time frame- in this ad makes the call to action much more powerful. Wouldn’t you agree that having ad copy that changes according to amount of time left in the offer is certainly more effective than something like “Get winter’s warmest boots at 40% off”?

Personalized Ads Are Simply More Effective

There is a significant amount of personalization that can be achieved with this Google AdWords customization feature, and the more precise the information, the more positive the results. Ad customizers will communicate information to potential clients that static ads will not. Aside from deadlines, it’s also possible to use dynamic elements such as starting prices for services, i.e. “Home cleaning starting at $125”. This new Google AdWords feature also allows for more tailored ads where keywords can be utilized, and even recurring events can be posted. In the case of a company that has monthly recurring events, information can be entered into the ad customizer and can automatically renew itself at the set date. Using the Google Ad Customizers feature is one strategy you can use to help create more effective ads that will differentiate your product or service, help keep your Google pay-per-click ads out of the AdWords jackpot, and ultimately sell more of your products/services. If you’d prefer to focus on what you’re great at, and leave the digital advertising to the experts, then SEO TWIST’s team of Google AdWords certified experts can get you up in running within 24 hours!

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