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It’s old news that business owners must have a website. Unfortunately, most websites for small businesses aren’t doing a very good job at generating traffic that converts into real sales. Do you wish you knew how to change your SEO web marketing strategy to grow your business? As web marketing company professionals know, successful SEO web marketing is about more than page ranks. Businesses working to increase revenues from local sources must work on a variety of platforms. Think of your web page as a focal point with traffic driven to it from a variety of surrounding hubs.

Web Platforms That Drive Traffic To Your Website

Facebook. Twitter. Google Ads. Page rankings. GPS. Search Apps. Positive reviews on local online newspapers or blogs. SEO web marketing efforts use these platforms to gather web traffic and then provides opportunities for them to become your customers. As a business owner, you need to understand how social media works. An eye catching post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter can quickly make the rounds. When the Facebook user or Twitter follower clicks on the link included within your post, they will repost when they find an article worth sharing. Done well, this significantly extends your advertising reach. Google, Bing, and other search engines use multiple sources of information to assess your website when returning search results. Well written articles with high-quality content are recommended by every professional web marketing company around. Factor in the increasing importance of GPS enabling due to the sky-rocketing number of web searches on-the-go and it’s easy to see how important focusing on local SEO can be. Mobile phone users rely on a variety of search apps to quickly filter results. Looking for a restaurant in a new location? Simply click and a relevant listing appears. Business owners who have taken the time to enable GPS extend their reach. Businesses with favorable reviews rank higher. Businesses with a linked webpage with a full color menu are busy taking reservations. Are you getting the picture?

Developing A SEO Web Marketing Plan

Most business owners are experts in their own field. They are not experts in internet marketing but they shy away from hiring a web marketing company because they fear the costs will be more than their advertising budget can afford. Instead of not starting a program of online marketing, make the decision to go small and seek out local traffic. Enable GPS. Get a Facebook page. Rejuvenate your website by adding articles that are important to your local customers. Once you see an uptick in revenue, reinvest that money with a consultation with a web marketing company professional or by hiring a writer. Start small. Begin at a local level. Watch the world beat a path to your door.

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