Twitter Introduces 6-second Video Ad Unit

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Twitter Provides Marketers New Biddable Video Ads Option

Twitter is giving advertisers the option to bid on the first 6 seconds of a video ad view in an effort to capitalize on the growth of video advertising on its platform. The social media platform is investing in video after a successful second-quarter earnings report, which saw ad engagements rise 20% over the last year. The new short video ad unit is now available to advertisers globally. Ads will be charged on a cost-per-view (CPV) basis and will only be billed when at least 6 seconds are viewed with pixels at 50% in-view. As explained by Twitter: “With mobile video consumption at an all-time high, studies show brand impact happens almost instantaneously (within seconds) with video ads. A recent Twitter-sponsored study by EyeSee determined short-form (under six seconds), sound-off videos with clear branding drive significantly better ad recall and message association on mobile than linear TVC style videos. Optimal video creative and viewing experiences drive brand lift and sales.”

A Closer Look

graph of eyesee case study about video
Source: IPG Media Lab
The company co-sponsored a study with behavioral research company EyeSee that claims sound-off videos six-seconds or shorter with clear branding drive better ad recall on mobile than traditional linear TV commercial-style videos that can be up to one minute long. Twitter described the new 6-second video ad unit as a “Flexible option for advertisers who care about the completed view metric but are ready to lean into the mobile-first paradigm and develop short-form assets optimized for in-feed viewing.” The new ad unit is available for promoted video, in-stream video sponsorships, and in-stream video ads, and offers the possibility of transacting on to a longer format video. The company also reported that video ad formats continue to be its fastest-growing ad format. Since Twitter is a platform where views are not forced on users, video consumption tends to be shorter on average. This presents a unique challenge to advertisers as the need to engage viewers immediately has never been greater.

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