Twitter Insights Tool Tells You When it’s Time to Tweet

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New Tool Offers Users More Info on Best Time and Day to Publish a Tweet

Twitter launched a new insights tool that gives publishers access to data to help find the best day and time to tweet, based on user engagement. Dubbed “Timing is Everything,” this insights tool took months for the company to build and develop. It’s part of an effort to provide users with more actionable data, according to Twitter. There’s a catch, though: the tool focuses on video tweets. Timing is Everything displays historical data that shows when audiences are most often on Twitter and watching and engaging with video tweets. The data in the tool is meant to help publishers maximize video engagement, conversation, and viewership. But it’s important to note that the tool doesn’t actually show when a user’s followers are watching videos. It offers aggregate data—the times and dates when all users are generally watching any video, not just yours. This is broadly helpful; it provides publishers with greater insight into reaching a wider audience with their video tweets. Plus, once you’ve determined the best time to publish content, you can schedule them directly through the platform’s Insights page. “We encourage publishers to continue to post throughout the day in order to maximize reach; however, consider including posting during the most engaging times of the day and week as part of that strategy,” said Twitter in their announcement post. This is a great tool for finding ways to push out organic video tweets. That said, it still leaves room for determining the best time to tweet, period. Because of the nature of the data, you’ll also have to take more time to examine when your best times are for reaching your target audience. Still, it’s a welcome tool and one that will help get more video content out in front of an audience faster. Want to start using Timing is Everything? Access it through Twitter’s Media Studio—use the analytics dropdown menu and select Insights to get going.


TikTok’s Data Security Problems in the US


Over the past year, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. However, TikTok has also been in the news for all the wrong reasons when it comes to data security. Most recently the app has been under fire from the USA due to concerns around data privacy.

What CEO Chew Has To Say

Yesterday, Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, made an appearance at The New York Times’ DealBook Conference for an interview according to The Verge. He says that he’s responsible for all decisions the app has made to take actions against data protection.

His interview address some concerns that have been surfacing in the U.S in the past couple of months. Chew says he is “confident the social media app will reach a resolution with US authorities that will allow it to continue operating in the country”, BNN Bloomberg reports.

TikTok Is In The News, But Not For The Right Reasons

TikTok has been in the news for data security problems in the US.

The app became popular for its creative content but has been accused of mishandling user data. TikTok has denied these allegations and says that it takes user privacy and security seriously.  However, some experts say that TikTok poses a risk to national security and believe that the app should be banned in the US.

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Some of TikTok’s data security problems in the US include:

  • collecting vast amounts of data on its users
    • including location, viewing habits, and personal contacts
  • Sharing of information with Chinese companies like ByteDance
  • Foreign government could use U.S. data for espionage or interference in American elections

While TikTok has said that it will not share user data with the Chinese government, many users remain concerned about the app’s privacy and security practices.

Collecting Sensitive Data

When it comes to data security, TikTok is no stranger to controversy.

The social media platform is accused of censoring certain content, which could be used to stifle dissent or censor politically inconvenient speech.  In the US, TikTok has come under fire for allegedly collecting user data without their consent and sharing it with the Chinese government.  While the company has denied these allegations, many users are still concerned about their privacy and safety when using the app.

Accused of Disinformation

There are concerns that TikTok could be used to spread disinformation due to its algorithmically generated recommendations and lack of fact checking.  The app has been downloaded over 1. 5 billion times globally, with US users spending an average of 52 minutes on the app each day.

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While TikTok is popular among teens and young adults, there is growing concern about the platform’s data security and privacy practices. Especially in light of recent events involving China and Hong Kong.

And So It Continues

It seems that hardly a week goes by without another story making headlines about TikTok and its data security problems.

The latest is that the US government is considering banning the app over fears that it could be used to collect sensitive data on American citizens.  This follows a long line of similar stories, including accusations that TikTok has been used to censor content critical of the Chinese government, and concerns about the app’s handling of user data.

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Twitter To Become ‘The Everything App’


Hot off the press is more news about Twitter!

Lately, almost every other day, we hear a new update from the land of Twitter. Its new leader, Elon Musk, has big plans for monetizing the platform, using the ad options and offering Twitter Blue. Musk has just announced a new set of options and features he plans to add to Twitter.

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Since Musk wants his team to work day and night, it’s no surprise they met over the weekend to review the new set of features. Musk tweeted a slide deck from the meeting, inferring that Twitter will become the Everything App.

The new features included in the app were listed in Musk’s tweet attachment as follows:

  • Longform tweets
  • Advertising as Entertainment
  • Video
  • Encrypted DMs
  • Relaunch Blue Verified
  • Payments

Screenshot from: twitter.com/elonmusk, November 2022.

H2: From Encrypted DMs to Longform Tweets

It’s safe to say that Musk is on a mission to make Twitter the go-to social platform. But his tweet provided little context as to when we might see these features. What we did get were clues in the images of the slide deck.

Longform tweets for example, in the image, Musk has included a snippet of Twitter’s notes feature. Considering the plans to bring more videos to the app, one could speculate about the return of Vine.

Search Engine Journal reports that this seems to be in line with Musk’s recent tweets and belief that YouTube Shorts could be challenged.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of all would be advertising as entertainment. Search Engine Journal reports they’ve seen this done before with Buzzfeed and quizzes but this type of viral advertising has the potential to take over on Twitter.

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As for encrypted DMs, well it’s pretty much the standard these days, so it’s not surprising that this security feature will be added.

After its failed first launch, the new Twitter Blue will premiere as part of the feature to make Twitter into the everything app. Included will be the ability to upload longer videos, a blue ‘verified’ checkmark, and early bird access to new options, among other features.

As of now, all users have to go on is Musk’s tweet but since he seems to know how to get everyone’s attention, keeping an eye on his Twitter feed is a safe bet for updates!

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