TikTok is cracking down on political campaigns The platform plans to ban content related to political fundraising

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TikTok has been enormously successful with its content and platform but they have run into some problems along the way. In the past few years, TikTok has gotten a lot of heat from U.S policy makers about political advertising and fundraising on the app. But the platform is bringing this to a screeching halt within the next few weeks.

That Little Blue Check Mark

The political fundraising ban is rolling out over the next three weeks but just because you’re involved in politics doesn’t mean you’re going to be booted off the app.

As outlined in the updated support page for Government, Politician, and Political Party Accounts (GPPPA), there are steps that TikTok is taking to make sure that political accounts are authentic. TikTok uses blue verified check marks, also called badges, to make sure that the account is representing a real person or organization. Verified badges help the creator and its viewers by marking the account and content as unique and authentic.

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The Restrictions for GPPPAs

Government, politicians and political parties are the ones being impacted by this ban. This is a great step forward for TikTok’s promise to keep the platform as an entertainment app. On TikTok’s page for GPPPAs, the questions have been updated to reflect the restrictions that political accounts will experience.

TikTok features that are restricted for GPPPAs:

  • Incentive programs and creator monetization features
  • Campaign (Election) Fundraising
  • Advertising
  • Music

Earlier this week, Blake TikTok’s president of global solutions, Blake Chandlee made a statement about the restrictions to be added in the upcoming weeks.

“These changes, along with our existing ban on political advertising, mean that accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and political parties will largely not be able to give or receive money through TikTok’s monetization features, or spend money promoting their content.” – Blake Chandlee

Battling Political Misinformation

This isn’t the first time that TikTok has banned political advertising. Back in 2020, TikTok banned all political advertising elections ahead of the incoming election. The reason TikTok is adding this restriction now is to reduce the levels of political misinformation that has been festering on the platform.

This means targeting content, especially videos containing false political content and the platform even mentioned labelling these kinds of videos. Essentially, TikTok wants to work towards eliminating all forms of political misinformation to make sure that users are getting the right information.

In the upcoming weeks, users can expect to notice an elimination of political content is intended for fundraising.

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