Three Strikes and You're Out – Google Ads Implements New Policy For Repeat Offenders New Google Ads Strike System Will Suspend Accounts After Multiple Violations

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Taking inspiration from America’s favourite past-time, Google Ads is implementing a new “three strikes and you’re out” policy, with the goal of “creating a trustworthy ad experience for users, advertisers and publishers.”

According to a recent blog post from Google, beginning in September, anyone who violates Google’s Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances, and Dangerous Products or Services policies will be issued a warning, followed by up to three strikes for any subsequent offenses. Once you have been issued a third strike, your account will be suspended. 

So, What Exactly Is Considered A Strike-worthy Offense?

Google states that this includes ads promoting “deceptive behavior or products such as the creation of false documents, hacking services, and spyware, as well as tobacco, drugs and weapons, among other types of content.”

It’s important to note that these types of ads have already been prohibited for a while, Google is just now implementing a stricter policy for offenders.

How the Strike Process Will Work 

Anytime a strike is issued by Google, advertisers will receive an email informing them that their ads are in violation of Google’s policies. Upon receiving your first and second strike, you must correct the violations and submit an acknowledgement form to Google in order to continue running Google Ads. Strikes can also be appealed.

Strikes will expire after 90 days, and if you do not commit any additional violations after a strike is issued, your account will be considered in good standing. If you do not correct the violation and are issued a third strike, your account will be suspended.

But that’s not all – Google says it plans to expand this new strikes system in phases so that it can be applied to more Google Ad policies.

“Our goals are to increase accountability for advertisers and to also encourage them to learn more about our advertising policies to prevent future violations, creating a better overall experience,” said Google. “We will continue to provide resources in the Help Centre to make it easier for advertisers to comply with our policies and optimize campaigns.”

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