The Importance of SEO Services Within A Business

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The More SEO Expenses, The Higher the Satisfaction

A study concluded that businesses allocating a large budget to SEO services would be more satisfied with the results from their marketing efforts than those who spend less. An SEO budget above $500 per month would guarantee a high satisfaction of 53.3% among business owners compared to those who spend a lower budget of $497.16 per month. The study from Backlinko collected this information from 1,200 business owners surveyed about their SEO services. Here is a summary of the key findings of this study:

A closer look at SEO services in 2019

The predominant finding of this study is the direct correlation between the business’s SEO spending and its satisfaction. The more a business spends on SEO services, the more content it is. As for SEO providers, specialized agencies are significantly better paid than independent providers. Rates range from an average of $500 per month for independent providers to $1000 – $2000 per month for highly skilled agencies. In order to find SEO providers, many businesses–28%–rely on word-of-mouth or referral, while 26% rely on Google searches and 18% refer to online review platforms like Yelp. Only a small portion–11%–find their SEO providers via online and offline advertisements. And when it came to choosing a service provider, a whopping 74% of business owners stated that the SEO provider’s reputation is a “very” or “extremely” important factor in their decision. Business owners choose their SEO provider based on their reputation, location, and digital presence. However, the fees and Google ranking can also influence their choice. What are the expectations of business owners? A vast majority of SME expect their SEO provider to not only help them attract new customers and increase their traffic, but to also develop brand awareness and establish trust and credibility for their brand. Surprisingly, online presence in regard to “likes” and “followers” was not as influential—only 26% thought it was important. Many businesses are dissatisfied with their SEO services since a small percentage (30%) would not recommend their current provider. This results in a very high turnover rate as many businesses have worked with several SEO providers in the past year. Working with highly skilled agencies involves expertise in SEO services for constant revisions and changes to optimize your website and its performance. Working with an agency also means committing to long-term results that requires continuous process monitored daily. For more information on this study, visit Backlinko.

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