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Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click advertising are two valuable tools in helping your website reach the maximum number of viewers online. However, SEO can generate more leads and potential business transactions over time by ranking your website at the top of search engines at minimal cost. It is all about how many people are visiting your site and how much traffic you are receiving. SEO can turn Internet users into paying customers and this is precisely how your business will flourish. The latter option for online marketing, paid advertising is a short-term quick fix to generate visits to your webpage. Companies will decide on a price point at which they will pay Google per click that leads to a website visitor. The first problem with paid advertising, is once internet marketing companies stop paying for the display of their ads, their potential sales come to a screeching halt.  You get what you pay for essentially, the more you pay, the higher chance you have of Google ranking your ad first or higher on the list. The second, major glitch with pay-per-click advertising is that less people click on the paid advertising section, while a majority of people click on the results below this, the organic, optimized section. SEO Twist is a unique Internet marketing company exclusive to the Ottawa and Quebec region specializing in affordable seo and making your website found.  This search engine optimization service is essential to online success because of the process in how your webpage is found and ranked. Using a variety of techniques,  such as the selection of relevant keywords, distributing content, social media and web analytics, seo is a turning point and unrestricted way of ranking your website for less cost.  With hard work, a little bit of effort and vigorous linking, you can be on your way to converting searchers into clients. This search engine optimization service is unique to strategic online marketing because Google ranks your website by recognizing where your links are directed to and from and the relevancy of your key words. Web design, formatting and content also play a significant role when contributing to affordable seo because structuring your website properly can produce repeat customers. A poorly designed website, without the consumer in mind results in people leaving your page and looking elsewhere. Search engine optimization services aid this in getting your website to the top by building trust, navigating and linking back to your page. Google recognizes this and places you at the top in accordance with popularity and networking. Why waste valuable leads by ranking your page first in the ads section when you can generate real, organic results with lasting rewards? Search engine optimization continues to grow and expand within the world market and is the number one-way of reaching more viewers and more leads.  Why waste funds on paying for ads when they are significantly less likely to be viewed? Maximize your website’s visitors by utilizing the advantages of seo marketing. Experience real returns with guaranteed results, for the long term with SEO Twist, Ottawa’s first bilingual online marketing company focusing on affordable seo to attract charismatic and genuine customers.

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