Shopify Inks Deal With Buzzfeed To Grow Its Affiliate Marketing Program Shopify Seeks Partnerships With Numerous Publishers to Compete With Amazon

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Shopify is diving deeper into the affiliate marketing game by securing lucrative partnerships with media publishers like Buzzfeed.

According to an article published by the Information, the Shopify network wants its new digital content publishing partners to link to merchants that use the Shopify platform. In exchange, the publishers will be given a percentage revenue when a user clicks on the link and subsequently makes a purchase.

Many digital publishers have similar agreements with e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

This type of strategy is known as ‘affiliate marketing,’ and is something Shopify has already dabbled in for a few years. Through these new partnerships, though, Shopify will be able to grow its affiliate marketing program by working with some of the world’s largest online publishers.

Shopify’s ultimate goal? To convince content publishers to move away from Amazon and work exclusively with Shopify.

Shopify has already secured a partnership with Buzzfeed but has also approached other digital media publishers like Complex Networks and Vox Media in an effort to increase its reach.

This isn’t the first time an e-commerce company has worked with a youth-oriented media company. Back in 2017, they launched a Buzzfeed channel for Shopify to “make it easy to showcase your products to BuzzFeed’s editors.”

According to a 2017 press release, the BuzzFeed channel allows merchants to easily tag their products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find, and feature in its campaigns, product lists, and onsite content. It appears this new partnership will be an expansion of this.

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