SEO’s Community Take On Recent Google Updates Both Updates were Finalized a Couple of Days Ago

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As we all know, Google has just been pelting us with updates, it seems like every time the wind changes direction there’s a new one. Most recently, Google’s product reviews and the September broad core update were ongoing and wrapped up on September 26th.

With both updates running at the same time, users across the SEO community were trying to figure which update impacted their site. There seems to be lots of frustration around these updates which is definitely no surprise.

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One user from SEO roundtable commented about how these continuous updates are blindly impacting sites and changing the game for SEO. But now that they are both done, many users are now looking at the damage to their page.

Rundown on the Broad Core & Products Review

Both the broad core and product reviews updates had and continue to have impacts on user sites since the first few days they both launched. Google’s fifth product reviews update launched on September 20th and has already had users talking.

Its launch came just a little over a week after the most recent broad core update, which was on the 12th of September. Product reviews update took only 6 days to finalize while the broad core update spanned over a two-week rollout period.

Some were wondering if one update might be stronger than the other since the broad core targets all kinds of content, unlike product reviews which looks at a smaller group of content.

It is said that for both the broad core and product reviews update, the update is not to penalizing site content. Instead, as Google repeatedly says, these updates are intended to reward websites and the research behind their content.

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The SEO Community’s Take

Many users have been hit and SEO experts across the board are indeed monitoring the impacts closely.

Many started tracking what the updates were doing to sites around the time that the broad core update dropped. After that, they then continued on with the product reviews. Here’s a tweet from Glenn Gabe:



As Barry Schwartz from SEO roundtable says in his research about impacts of both updates:

“…Google would not tell me what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update.”
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It should be interesting to see what fallout there is from these updates in the coming weeks. Notably, experts will be watching the updates but especially because of periodic updates.

Yes, that’s right, Google won’t necessarily be notifying everyone if a periodic update is running. That goes for the Google product reviews update and the broad core. Many will simply have to watch and wait for the performance on their site to update.

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Google Releases September 2022 Broad Core Update


Update from the future: On September 26, both the September Core Update and the Product Reviews Update have been fully rolled out. Read about it here and find out how to know if you’ve been hit and what to do about it. 

Here comes the second broad core update of the year. The September 2022 broad core update is here and it’s supposed to make the consequences of the Google Helpful Content Update more serious.

Google announced the Broad Core Update via Twitter and updated its search updates page. The rollout started on September 12 and, as always, it will take around two weeks for the update to be fully rolled out, Search Engine Land reports.

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As we reported earlier, there was some talk about Google Helpful Content Update becoming stronger with every next update. This is because no huge ranking changes have been reported while the update was rolling out. At the same time,  Google’s Danny Sullivan was ‘warning’ everyone about its volatility and significance.

“With this helpful content update, as I said before, it’s part of a continuing effort. Directionally, it’s what SEOs and creators should pay attention to. We’ll continue to tune it, refine it. It matters, which is why we’ve spent so much time talking about it,” he said on Twitter
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Second Core Update Of The Year

The first broad core update of the year was back in May, and it was a big one. The May 2022 Core Update caused some troubles in the first 24 hours of its release. Even though no specific fluctuations suggest that this update was focused on a specific niche, real estate seems to have experienced the biggest impact.

The September 2022 Core Update is a global one, meaning it’s impacting all regions and languages and targets all types of content. It should impact Google Discover, feature snippets, and more. There have been some reports of volatility and changes in traffic so far, according to seroundtable.com.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since that’s what a core update is – it’s a change to multiple parts of Google’s algorithm, and common sense will tell us that means big changes are bound to happen.

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What To Do If You’re Affected By The Update?

First of all, wait for the update to roll out fully. Only after it’s done can you assess the damage. If you’re getting some negative rankings during a rollout, that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with your website. That’s why it’s better to wait.

Google did offer a list of questions to ask yourself if your site has been hit by a core update. For now, wait for the update to roll out, be patient and take notes!

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Google Seemingly Confirms Algorithm Update After Week of Turmoil


Google Remains Vague Regarding Possibility of Several Algorithm Updates

After nearly a week of turmoil, Google has finally broken its silence about a potential algorithm update by confirming that an update did in fact take place. Well, sort of. Google didn’t exactly come out of the woodworks to announce an algorithm update, however, Google Public Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, responded to a discussion on Twitter by stating: https://twitter.com/dannysullivan/status/1227854223972261888 So, while Sullivan didn’t outright say that an update took place this week, by linking to a previous Twitter thread from the Google Search Liaison account confirming several updates that had taken place back in November, he potentially revealed some insight into the reasoning behind Google’s silence this week. Confused yet? The thread stated that:

“Sometimes, a particular update might be broadly noticeable. We share about those when we feel there is actionable guidance for content owners. For example, when our Speed Update happened, we gave months of advanced notice and advice….If we don’t share about them, there is no particular actionable guidance to follow nor changes to make other than to keep focused on great content.”


So, What Does This All This Mean?

So, what can we gather from all this? Based on the series of Google Search Liaison Tweets and Sullivan’s comments, it would seem that several updates rolled out this week, causing rankings to fluctuate like crazy. However, Google didn’t feel the need to announce them like they would with a broad core algorithm update. What appears to be confusing about Google’s “stance” is that there was a very noticeable impact noticed by many within the SEO community along ranking tools which reported serious fluctuations since last weekend. And especially considering the fact that this supposed update has lasted longer than most previous unconfirmed updates. Adding further insult to injury is the fact that there really isn’t anything actionable you can do to offset the impact of the updates, except continue to produce quality content. So, what gives? Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Round Table has some theories, stating that this could have either been a search algorithm update unrelated to the core updates or just a bug released somewhere that was reverted. Either way, Google is remaining tight lipped and has provided no other information to squash the rumours, so we’ll never really know what actually happened, except for the fact thank ranking tools went wild across the board.

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