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SEO Twist is an online marketing company, and as online marketers it is very important to track data, do research and evidently participate in analytics. Most online marketing companies know how important it is, but they might not measure up to the bar when their search engine optimization service is compared with their ability to track to their efforts, known as SEO analysis. SEO Twist considers it just as important if not more important to analyze and track the data they have outputted, this is because a search engine optimization service is not just about keywords and links, it all adds up behind the scenes with the crunching numbers. SEO analysis is important because it keeps you one step ahead of your competitors, if you can track something that they are unaware of, you are already one step ahead of them. SEO Twist recognizes that and will do everything they can to optimize your website through their search engine optimization service and through their immaculate technical skills in SEO analysis At the foundation of this online marketing company is a team that has access to an analytics platform that is put in place to provide actionable insights. At SEO Twist, the data and performance is only a log in away, customers will be given a user name and password to access all the information about their website and see how it is progressing. Using SEO analysis enables the team at SEO Twist to make great recommendations, troubleshoot issues and predict outcomes accurately. At SEO Twist, an online marketing company in Ottawa, they are on top of their game with web analytics, are in control of them and use them on a daily basis. One of the number one reasons why a lot of online marketing companies do not utilize SEO analysis effectively is because data and the numbers intimidate them. However, at SEO Twist this is not the case, the team recognizes that knowledge is power and that this beats intimidation by a long shot. The team is highly experienced with SEO analysis and is learning, more each and every day to expand their knowledge and become more comfortable with SEO analysis. Data and SEO analysis provide this online marketing company with the best tools they need to make their search engine optimization service unbeatable and unsurpassed. The goal of all data analytics and SEO analysis is to leave an individual more educated than they were before so that one can perform better on the next task and in the future. There are three different types of analytics, which are not all equal, as many online marketing companies like to believe. Firstly there is descriptive analytics which helps you understand how things are running, secondly predictive which is data that can help to predict and strategically guess future performance and results. Finally there is prescriptive analytics that suggest a prescribed next step or next action to move forward with. SEO analytics are extremely important to stay on top of your competition and SEO Twist recognizes and truly values that. SEO Twist does not just look at descriptive analytics like most other online marketing companies do. Most companies believe that the other technical data stuff is left to someone else to figure out, wrong! SEO Twist will take in account the entire picture of SEO analysis to understand what it is that is happening, what can be improved and what is the next step in your journey with this search engine optimization service.

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