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SEO Twist is online marketing in Ottawa and a local SEO service that is located in Ottawa’s Byward market and specializes in online marketing solutions for businesses big and small. Some of SEO for small business solutions that SEO Twist offers is local search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-marketing and training, website design, website development, branding and logo design and web analytics. One of the main tactics of local SEO services today is social media marketing and this article will outline how social media can help build an online presence and boost your search engine ranking. Many small businesses wrote off social media at first because they saw it as a frivolous pass time that was unbecoming and amateur for business operations. Many social media websites are not indexed by Google and are not full of keyword friendly articles, so many online marketing Ottawa companies didn’t bother with social media marketing. But the truth is even though social media does not provide many back links; it provides a different value that is largely independent from search engines that can still boost your SEO for small business. This article will outline the ways in which social media marketing can have a huge impact and why this is such a large component of SEO Twist’s online marketing Ottawa strategy.

Boosting SEO

Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other sites may not be a major SEO tool, but it can provide some backlinks. For instance when you publicly share something that link acts as a backlink. One social media outlet that is more directly connected to SEO small business is Google+. Social media marketing is unique for online marketing Ottawa because they have the ability to organize readers and maintain a steady dialogue also.

Identifying trends

Other Social media websites such as Redditt and Twitter identify the latest trends that everyone is talking about; it is a giant popularity contest on the Internet. Reddit has the ability to post insightful content in a variety of niches that can be communicated to the masses. Identifying trends means being listed in a competitive category, which is excellent for a local SEO service and driving traffic. You can highlight what is important in your business with recent blog posts and trending topics on twitter. Other online marketing Ottawa companies are not putting forth subjects that are worthy of being talked about; actual consumers are putting them in place. Finding out what your consumers want and are talking about ahs never been easy, because they are creating the social forum where your product can be talked about.

Gaining Increased Traffic

A blog post that is perfectly optimized for a local SEO service might be great, but the new Google updates have proven that for local SEO services relying on one SEO tactic can be risky business. If your business can reach a large group that will be attracted to your content, why not post it there? Social media is a great tool to be able to reach a large dedicated group of followers that will be sure to see and scroll over your post, maybe even click it to see what it’s all about. SEO Twist is an Ottawa online marketing company that can boost your sales and amplify your online presence with social media marketing and local SEO services.

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