Planning Weddings and SEO With Sinders Bridal House

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Creating a Compelling and Effective Marketing Plan That Generated Results

At SEO TWIST, we love it when a plan comes together. Planning can often be the hardest part of a long-term project, but that challenge pays off in the long run. Wedding planning is perhaps the best example of how separate elements come together to create something truly special. In fact, many of the principles that apply to wedding and event planning are equally applicable to an effective SEO plan. And when Sinders Bridal House visited our offices to discuss a full website revamp and ongoing SEO plan, it was a natural fit, one the SEO TWIST team took to with enthusiasm. “Having very little knowledge of marketing, it was a daunting task to create the best strategy to reach more clients while making the most meaningful impact through the mediums we chose,” said Meghan Lavergne, co-owner of Sinders Bridal House with her sister, Stacey Lavergne. “We knew that, in order to succeed the way we planned, we would need someone to help us.” That’s where we came in. The project’s scope involved a full visual refresh, an effective SEO setup to boost search rankings, and engaging social media strategies to reach a wider audience. It was clear from the get-go that, more so than ever, the details would matter. Our team set about planning the perfect wedding website, and delivered a finished product that went above and beyond expectations.

Long-Term Plan, Long-Term Results

Brides shopping for their dresses aren’t usually looking for something a few weeks ahead of time. Wedding planning is a months-long undertaking—much like a good SEO plan. It all began with effective research and insight from SEO Analysts, who determined what keywords and strategies within the bridal market would best support business growth. The marketing plan included SEO setup and optimization of an engaging website. This site would push conversions and ensure an outstanding through-the-door business. The process is comprehensive, and here it was no different. From researching the competition to conducting a market study into the customer personas, to creating a complete set of marketing objectives, metrics, and KPIs to go by to deliver results, the SEO TWIST team put its diverse expertise to work.

Selling Experiences

Think of the abundance of wedding and bridal-related media and advertising already available. How do you stand out in such a competitive industry? For one, you don’t just sell products. Sinders Bridal House had a keen understanding of their unique identity and where they wanted to bring their business. They were and are very much not a cookie-cutter, big-box retail approach to the bridal market. As a result, the focus was never about pushing inventory, but rather selling an experience to prospective brides. In addition to our marketing efforts, we developed AdWords and Facebook campaigns to drive immediate results. Weddings are special, something every woman spends years dreaming of and planning for—even before they know they’re getting married, in many cases.

“We needed someone who would be able to meet our needs but also ensure that our presence and personality came through consistently,” commented Meghan.

The highly experiential aspect of the business informed our SEO plan. We developed graphics and content that reflected this, emphasizing the unique aspects of fittings, designer dresses, and making a special event out of a trip to Sinders Bridal House.

Tying the Knot

Working on a steady deadline, our team set about designing, developing, and building the redesigned Sinders Bridal House site. As our SEO research and plan came together, we presented the client with various design options. It was a bit like helping someone find the right wedding dress. Our designers worked to develop a compelling look that complemented the bridal shop’s unique identity. They provided options, feedback, and ideas wherever necessary. And, like planning for a wedding, separate aspects of the project came together beautifully in time for the site relaunch. Design and site development progressed concurrently with the creation of engaging site content. The final step was to tie it all together. Through it all, Sinders had a hand and say in every aspect of development. “We were treated like family every time we visited,” commented Meghan, “But we knew would also be strict about meeting deadlines and targets.” As the project wrapped up, we proudly informed the Sinders Bridal family of the brand-new website waiting for them.

A Warm Reception

“Working with SEO TWIST made the entire process so much simpler,” said Meghan of the overall experience. “From the first meeting, we knew that they could take on every aspect we asked of them, and meet it with the detail we require.” From our perspective, Sinders Bridal House was an amazing experience for our team, who were and are extremely proud of the finished product. “We chose to place our trust in SEO TWIST, and have been rewarded with professionalism, knowledge, and consistency,” said Meghan. “And it doesn’t hurt that our reach has doubled since we first spoke!”


Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Profiting from the New E-A-T Ranking Factors?


digital marketing agency We all know that in order to be seen in the top search results, we need to carefully follow Google’s latest system of ranking factors. Fail to meet their standards and you can find yourself suddenly relegated to the lonely, deep pages of results where potential customers won’t find you. In order to stay current, digital marketers need to stay up to date on the latest factors. In June 2014, Google’s full Quality Page Ranking Guidelines were released including over 200 factors contributing to their latest algorithm. Is your Digital Marketing Agency making the most of the latest changes?

Be good enough to E-A-T

The latest changes revolve around one key element – E-A-T or Expertise, Authority and Trust. Google wants to send users to the best topic-based content available. Consequently, they have developed a system of evaluating website content based on the level of expertise of the author, authority the website holds based on reputation, and trust the website exhibits based on secure transactions, complete contact information and transparency.

What it takes to be an Expert

Is your content being written by an expert? Don’t panic! An expert in the eyes of Google is not necessarily a card-carrying, PHD holding, award-winning dynamo. Google wants to be sure that your website offers an experienced source of information, but that information can come from first-hand accounts and informed reviews. There is an increased focus on personal experience. This new algorithm considers it to be of equal importance to formal credentials.

A step away from Metrics

While keywords and links continue to play an important role in SEO, they are no longer the key focus of Google’s ranking system. Creating high quality topic-specific content, relevant to your website’s users is the new way to get on the map, and stay on the map. It’s clear that in order to meet these standards digital marketers should downplay use of on-page ads, links to less-than highly credible websites, and content that is poorly written and/or edited.

It’s all about good Content

The bottom line is that in order to be highly ranked in Google’s eye, you need to provide high quality, relevant content that they can direct users to – free from anything suspicious or pushy. You should be steering away from articles that read like promotions and toward information your readers will benefit from and take an interest in. Each new update in Google’s Quality Page Ranking System is put in place to closer align with what Google considers “high quality”.  Creating good content following E-A-T principles will continue to be crucial as the ranking systems evolve. digital marketing agency

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Finding the Right SEO Company


Top Signs You’re Not Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Marketing Agency

The most common shortcoming among small businesses often involves how they navigate their online presence. Whether it’s the created content or the strategy employed to drive traffic, companies are in a constant state of adjustment trying to keep up in the quest for audience capture, leads, and sales. We get it. Finding competent SEO/marketing companies can be daunting. Auditing the results of a campaign often reveals a lack of effective targeting, or that substandard content drove away new-found traffic immediately. Is the value of your SEO company measured through strong analytics and high-quality marketing materials working in tandem to secure long-term results? Here are some key indicators businesses should look for when they evaluate a digital marketing agency.

A man in a white shirt sits outdoors, holding his head in his hand in stress or frustration.
Stressed out searching for reliable SEO agencies? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Signs You Need a DMA

Let’s be honest, driving traffic isn’t just difficult, it’s often a complete mystery to most entrepreneurs. Business owners want to see results, but knowing how to interpret those results is just as important as their performance. Maybe your traffic is high but you don’t retain any of the potential customers you capture. Worse still, you may not be getting any meaningful traffic at all. Your company’s brand is important, and support for that brand ultimately determines your company’s success. Without the right digital marketing agency, your obstacles become clear, and finding a DMA that suits your needs has never been more urgent, especially in the digital marketplace. Watch for these red flags when evaluating  any DMA:

Overemphasizing Keywords and Rankings

When examining the value of your brand, sometimes an agency will inflate the importance of using the right keywords and high search rankings. While those two points can be important, the real indicator is how they translate into leads and new business. Placing greater emphasis on results often separates the run-of-the-mill SEO specialists from the professionals who complement rankings with actual results.

Substandard Written Content

The adage is true: content is king. Compelling storytelling and information is the backbone of any decent SEO campaign, helping to retain site visitors through quality writing that respects the audience. ‘Filler content’, or content created without consideration for long-term customer retention, is a waste of time and money. Your agency should have the depth to not just get potential customers to your site, but to keep them there as well.

Poor Client Relations

If content is king, then communication is the foundation of the monarchy. Digital marketing can be very complex for the average client, creating a tangible need for regular updates. Not being on the same page is a prerequisite for the unprofessional. This serves as a litmus test for finding a company unwilling or unable to evolve strategically.

Slow Turnaround

Missed deadlines are not the end of the world. Sometimes it means an SEO agency is making adjustments and improving the services they represent. But sometimes an agency has run out of ideas and lack the organizational prowess to communicate shortfalls. Your confidence in a digital marketing agency relates directly to how quickly and effectively they can boost your brand. That confidence breaks when timelines stretch or become incompatible with your overall digital strategy.

Empty Promises

Sometimes it becomes crystal clear that instead of dealing with a digital marketing agency, you’ve just stumbled upon a company with silver-tongued salespeople. They may have wowed you at the beginning, promising an overhaul of your digital needs that will translate into tangible results, but often what you’re left with is a company without the needed follow-through to achieve those milestones. A good rule of thumb is to create intervals during a campaign to assess and evaluate progress. When you determine your needs aren’t being met, it’s time to change agencies. A bad agency can set back a company for months, sometimes years through incompetence and a lack of vision.

What Does an Effective SEO Company Look Like?

A good agency, one that shows a genuine interest in the success of your brand, is tantamount when striving for digital success. Below are some of the key ingredients an agency should have before selecting them to represent your company.

Impressive Portfolio

One of the easiest ways to determine the effectiveness of a digital marketing agency is through their past successes. Companies who clearly demonstrate a proficiency for audience capture and retention bode well. Don’t forget to look under the hood, either. For example, take the time to read the content they’ve created before deciding on a company.

A blackboard with various social media markings on it is covered with stick notes with dates and times.
Attention to detail, including deadlines and schedules, is a must.

Solid Customer Service

A good agency can be measured by how well they communicate with their clients. This compulsory characteristic means your agency will be just as likely to communicate when things are booming as they would when times are slow. Robust communication means transparency, and maintaining a high-level of professional interaction will boost confidence and assist present day and future successes.

Realistic Goals

We all want miracles when traversing the landscape of company growth, but we also want to partner with an agency who can give us the goods realistically. Reputable agencies, rather than promising success overnight, will incrementally forecast positive results for each stage of your digital campaign. This approach should boost your overall confidence in your SEO company. It demonstrates they are more interested in a long-term relationship.

Customized Service Packages

If there ever was a counter-argument for a ‘one size fits all’ approach, it is digital marketing. A competent agency will have the ability to customize packages for individual clients, focusing on the unique characteristics and approaching all facets of a campaign through the lens of that customization.

Speed and Efficiency

While you expect your SEO firm to be smart in how it approaches your company’s unique set of goals and expectations, you also need to stake claim to a market share that will keep you in business while keeping your competitors nervous. A smart strategy often relies on quick implementation, allowing your company to put competitors on notice. You’re a threat to their market share! The last thing any company wants is a strategy that ends up harming their brand. Finding the right SEO company is like finding the right part for your car – you won’t go anywhere using parts that don’t fit, but you are likely to soar when you find something compatible.

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