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SEO Twist, is a local online marketing company that markets your company online through search engine optimization and website evaluation. Ottawa’s SEO game plan has changed and SEO Twist is in town to change and liven the online world up. They offer many packages to suit all needs and budgets. Each package has a different purpose to produce affordable seo and organic results. The packages offered generate different purposes at a reasonable and cost-effective rate. The package this article will be focusing on exclusively is ‘Lead generation’, which is the most popular among Ottawa business owners.

Content Distribution:

This SEO Company proposes and executes many marketing campaigns, but one of the most proven tactics of SEO is content distribution. With the Lead Generation package, priced at $375 per month, SEO Twist can build targeted traffic of visitors to your website and generate leads and prospects. Unique articles will be written and submitted to create high quality links coming directly to your site. Articles will be submitted to blogging and articling websites such as Blogger, Tumblr and many more up to four times per month.

Popularity/Link Building, Structural and on-page SEO:

Powerful SEO solutions can also be affordable SEO solutions, if one can believe it. SEO Twist can build links and gain popularity through link building enabling search engines to recognize your business and place you at the top of the organic search results. SEO Twist wil provide you with 250+ links per month to gain popularity and a reputation that stands tall against your competitors. To build links naturally and in the right context, we distribute the content evenly throughout the month, not all at once. Our SEO experts do all of our submissions including articles and press releases, social media and bookmarks. We use different techniques effectively and equivalently throughout the duration of your SEO campaign.

Web Analytics and Reports Access

Web Analytics and reports are an essential part of SEO Ottawa and SEO practices in general because they analyze the flow of traffic visiting your website. Anywhere from the demographics of where people are viewing from, to how many people you have viewing your website and what customers are searching on your site or what keywords they are entering to the search engine to initially find you. This is crucial to know which keywords should be associated with your business because it will create a steady flow of online traffic and control you niche market and audience. On-site analytics allow you to track everything the visitor did once they discovered your website. Analytics allow business owners to transform conversion rates of visitors into clients. The use of A/B testing is also a main source of evaluating your website and organizing what works best for your niche market. Two templates are experimented with to see which one performs better and is more effective for you’re the needs of your small business in Ottawa. Receive the features of the “Lead Generation” package which consists of, distributing content four times per month, 250+ links, Call-to-Action adaptations and web analytics and 24/7 Reports for the affordable SEO cost of $375 per month. SEO Twist, a tried and true SEO company will provide a comprehensive strategy to increase your sales and make a name for your business in the sea of online marketing and search engines.

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