SEO Analysis: What Makes for a Good Strategy?

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When It Comes to SEO Ranking, These Factors Matter – Big Time

SEO analysis When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s easy to identify poor tactics; whether it’s keyword stuffing, buying or selling links, or posting duplicate content, experts in the field of SEO analysis, and even many less experienced users, know how to spot black hat SEO tactics. When it comes to identifying a good SEO strategy, it’s a little less cut and dry; there is no standard definition or checklist for what exactly makes one strategy better than another. Approaches vary from agency to agency, and even from analyst to analyst; as they should. Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and so should the strategies used for SEO ranking. So, knowing this, how can we ensure that we are consistently employing “good” SEO strategies, when the standards are constantly progressing? When it comes down to it, SEO is about more than just metrics and rankings. The following are the factors that differentiate the best from the rest:

Know the Goals

In theory, the goal of any SEO campaign is to improve search engine rankings. Of course, that’s all well and good, but does your client see it the same way? For many, being on the first page of Google’s search results won’t mean much if this ranking isn’t leading to increased leads and sales. It’s important to get to know your client’s business goals, and to help them understand how the work you’re doing to achieve SEO ranking is impacting their bottom line. If they can understand exactly how both the organic and paid strategies you’re employing convert into customers and increased revenues, they’re more likely to view your efforts as successful. A good strategy is one that takes business objectives into account, and works towards achieving them.

Change is Good

An SEO strategy that was great a few years ago won’t yield the same results today, and one that worked wonders for a small, local bakery may not be as effective for a large real estate company. In order to be successful in this constantly changing landscape, you must view your SEO analysis as an ongoing process. Your approach to SEO ranking must evolve on a case by case basis–from month to month and project to project–in order to remain relevant. Don’t be afraid to revise and improve upon old content, or make changes to pages developed to appease previous search engine algorithms.

Quality is Key

Even the best, most efficient SEO strategies will fail if you’re leading consumers to a site that contains inadequate, low quality content, or an outdated design. Not only will the website’s bounce rate–which is the number of visitors who navigate away from a site after viewing only one page–be astronomical, the trust visitors have in the information found on that site will also suffer. Quality is a key factor often overlooked in SEO analysis, and it’s one that has the potential to make all the difference.

Troubleshoot When Necessary

Having a strong strategy for SEO ranking doesn’t mean one without issues, or one that requires little maintenance. In fact, a good analyst knows that the opposite is true. With heavy competition and constant algorithm changes, effective SEO analysis involves consistently examining all available data, and problem-solving whenever necessary. If a keyword has experienced an SEO ranking drop, work to establish why, and perform the necessary fix. If leads are down despite steady organic traffic, investigate what may be causing this discrepancy. An analyst that consistently examines metrics, and makes adjustments based on his or her observations is a critical element of a good, successful SEO strategy. In many areas of life, what’s “good” and what’s “bad” are subjective, but when it comes to the factors listed, we can all agree that a strategy that includes them is better than one that doesn’t. If you’re looking for SEO analysis, or an SEO strategy that employs all of the above, contact the digital marketing experts at SEO TWIST.

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