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The inside scoop and what goes on behind the scenes of SEO analysis is thanks to Google and there many tips and tricks through algorithms that generate and produce workable results. Google and other search engines such as Bing must collaborate and work together with SEO companies to generate effective results and SEO agencies must follow the rules and obey the guidelines of the web. Algorithms area set of rules or patterns to be followed in calculations or problem solving especially followed and implemented by computer programs and webmasters. Algorithms use the millions of search results and webpages to narrow down to the most useful and effective link pertaining to your search.   There are many different clues and tools that search engines use to understand what many SEO agencies are posting online and what others are also updating and adding to the online world. SEO firms use these signals to help determine where their content and webpage are ranking using PageRank and also to collect data such as what people searching, from where, how often and the words they use to find results within their scope.   Google works hard to constantly update and fine-tune these tools that help SEO agencies to do their job. In recent news, Google has announced that they are improving tools to eliminate spammers, hackers and make it increasingly more difficult for black-hat SEO firms to continue their deceiving strategies.  Google provides unique tools that contributes to SEO analysis such as localization and user context, it takes into consideration the geographic location, web history and tailors results based on your language and country. For instance if someone searches the keywords “SEO agency” or “SEO firm” in two different cities, two different top results would come up based on your location. This is designed for the consumer in mind, trying to find the most relevant search to your query.   Google also participates in crawling and indexing which is the very tool that helps to rank your page number one before a search is even conducted. Crawling is the process of using software’s called web crawlers, the most well known being Googlebot. Site owners and SEO firms cannot pay for anyone to crawl their site. Crawlers look at websites and follow all the links and hyperlinks that are on that page. From these links they fetch and obtain data that is reported back to search engines. Crawling pays special attention new websites, changes and updates to existing ones and links that are no longer active.   Indexing is a key component of SEO analysis because it organizes and categorizes information. The online world for SEO firms and search engines is like an ever-growing library without a decimal system or filing cabinets to manage all the information. After Google goes through the crawling process, an index must be created to know exactly how the information can be found and pulled up when needed. With the Knowledge Graph that is comparable to SEO analysis campaign reports, Google is able make find more relevant search results and match better links with that particular viewer or audience.   Google has made some pretty amazing advancements in the world of SEO analysis, to match relevant results with their inquirers and without these various tools SEO firms would not be able to do their jobs as effectively. It has provided a huge boost and improvement in the world of SEO agencies and is basically how SEO firms emerged. Without out the talented webmasters at SEO firms, Google would not be able to return with exceptional and relevant results for their consumers and ultimately, clients.

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