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How SEO TWIST Redesigned the Way A Weight Loss Expert Presented Their Message

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time researching weight loss protocols, then you’ve no doubt run into frustration parsing dense text full of footnotes and disclaimers. All you—and indeed all users—want is a clear, concise explanation of how it works and what you can expect, and yet finding useful information remains a frustrating experience. Recently, SEO TWIST had the privilege of working with Ideal Protein, a highly-regarded international weight management and lifestyle education organization. Their mandate was simple: they wanted a site that would better reflect their unique identity as a leader in their field and effectively communicate their message to a broader audience. We’ve handled plenty of site redesigns, revamps, and refreshes in the past, but this one was different. Some clients come to us looking for help highlighting what makes them unique and what sets them apart. Ideal Protein is not one of those clients. Here’s how we helped them achieve their goals.

Industry-Leading Experts Helping Industry Leaders

As experts in their field, Ideal Protein knows their market. It’s a highly competitive market, full of messages and rivals creating noise. Competition is endemic and inherent to this industry. The approach Ideal Protein’s messaging takes, then, is one that stands out. It would be simple to dismiss a weight loss protocol’s demographics as simply overweight. But that’s not the approach they take. They instead see their clients as people struggling to lose weight, or to keep it off. The key message, then, is that Ideal Protein can help its clients overcome this struggle and that with their help they will succeed. It’s basic but incredibly powerful… when presented properly. When Ideal Protein reached out to us, we knew they trusted us to ensure that key message would be heard.


A prevailing communication model posits that all communications begin with a sender who wants to deliver a message. That message is carried over a channel (whatever media it may be) and received by another individual, who is aptly named the receiver. The sender encodes the message, and the receiver decodes it. But these messages aren’t just simple sentences, they’re often complex feelings or experiences. There’s a lot of meaning there. Receivers (the audience) must decode the message on their end using their own interpretive skills informed by experience, by other media, by culture… you get the picture. Put simply, encoding and decoding in communication is a complex process that requires careful consideration. For Ideal Protein, much of that work had already been done, either by the company themselves or by history and culture surrounding their industry. But navigating that and finding a way to transmit Ideal Protein’s message in a crowded market required some diligent SEO work. Our organic optimizations and work on their messaging sought to find ways to broaden reach and ensure more people would find Ideal Protein. Though we had clearly defined boundaries to work within, we found ways to tweak and modify where we could to ensure Ideal Protein’s message was clear and easily understood.

Proper Packaging

Of course, the other aspect of this communication was something entirely unspoken and unwritten. We tend to think of communication as a verbal thing, either spoken aloud or written down. This ignores the power of the human eye. Visuals provide a clear means of communicating ideas that we might otherwise overlook. Aspiring novelists and writers constantly have the saying “Show, don’t tell” hammered into their minds. Put simply, you can spend twenty pages telling an audience about something and have them miss the point, but if you show it in action, it’ll be clear as day. Our site redesign focused on improving navigation for the end user. When you land on idealprotein.com, you’re greeted with a choice. Are you looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Are you a healthcare practitioner? Or are you a pharmacist? These three options help users zero on the information they’re looking for. Further visual improvements to the site updated the design to increase ease of use, and to help key items pop off the page to draw attention. This project was a tremendous undertaking for SEO TWIST and one that helped us develop our skills and techniques even further. What’s more, it was an opportunity to develop a relationship with a valued client and show (not tell) exactly what we were capable of.


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