Potential Google Update Rolls Out Over Labour Day Weekend Speculation Grows Over 2nd Update in Less Than a Week

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Google sure has a way with timing! While most of us were relaxing and lighting up the grill this Labour Day weekend, Google may have been rolling out yet another small algorithm update.

This latest “update” comes less than a week after another small unconfirmed update appeared to roll out on September 1.

There hasn’t been much chatter surrounding this possible update, however, according to Search Engine Round Table, tracking tools were showing more significant fluctuations compared to the September 1 update.

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Here are some of the few comments posted to Webmaster World forums over the weekend:

“Biggest drop ever, much bigger than panda. Yet i don´t know if it is our site or if it is due to total mismatch of serps and query. Searching for apples shows a lot of fruits but no apples.

But it seems that we are outranked by sites with 1x picture, 1x H1 , no description, 1x buy button. I forgot this must be a compelling website.”

“Traffic less than half of where I would normally expect it to be. Two notable points:

1. Almost all single page views … this always tells me something is wrong.

However the last 3-4 days:

2. My global traffic sources have changed with 50% now coming from the USA, up from 30%, and my second biggest source, India, has gone from multiple page views to a few single pages and even many of thise do not look genuine.

Something has been up-borked majorly! That’s my polite terminology:-)”

“The third day of traffic being significantly lower across all sites for me, something’s changed, not too sure what as yet.”

As for the tracking tools, here are some screen grabs posted by Search Engine Round Table so you can see for yourself:



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