Pinterest Releases Mobile Ad Tools to Support Sellers

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New Pinterest Tools Allow Sellers to Manage Campaigns via Mobile App

Right on the heels of going public, Pinterest has announced the launch of its new mobile ads tools to support sellers. This means that brands can now create and manage ad campaigns more easily on the platform via mobile devices, and set up their Promoted Pins. The new tools are available to all US business accounts and are starting to roll out globally. They can only be used on the Pinterest app for iPhone and Android, not mobile web. Pinterest has indicated that brands can use the new mobile ad tools to select Pins from their business profile and choose between automated and custom targeting options. They will then decide the length and daily budget for the campaign, complete their billing information, and publish the ad. As explained by Pinterest: In the last year, we’ve added a suite of self-serve tools to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to reach Pinners and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Now, with the ease of Mobile Ad Tools, businesses get simplified ad creation with consolidated targeting options, taking the guesswork out of setting up Promoted Pins. Until now, businesses on Pinterest have had to set up their campaigns from the desktop site. The new options will facilitate the whole process on mobile.

Other Promising Features

A few other features within the mobile app include the ability to:

  • Adjust budget and targeting
  • Pause an ad
  • Edit the URL destination and the campaign name
  • Check metrics such as advertising spend, remaining campaign duration, impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), and saves.

The company also stated: Using Mobile Ad Tools, companies can build brand awareness and drive performance while reaching new customers without going over budget. Businesses like FOUNT, Little Blue Olive, and elementary school teacher Kaitlyn Albani are already seeing results from early testing. Over and out. Now any business can promote any one of their pins from a mobile device in just a few simple steps.

Jérôme Léon

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