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Get some tips from an experienced internet marketing company to turn visitors into buyers

Ottawa web design You’ve recently set up a new website and you’re very happy with all the compliments you’ve been receiving about it. It looks beautiful and all the necessary information is on it, but for some reason, it’s not converting visitors into buyers the way you would like it to. You notice that people aren’t filling out contact forms or signing up for your newsletter either. So what’s going on with your website? As Ottawa web design experts, we have a lot of experience creating effective calls to action (CTAs) for our clients by using smart design and effective copy. Here are some tips to help you do the same for your website:

The devil is in the details

It may be difficult to believe, but in our experience as an internet marketing company, something seemingly inconsequential such as changing the colour and size of a button or moving a line of text to a different part of the page can make a huge difference in click-through rates (CTR). For example, did you know that there are parts of a page that people are more likely to look at? There are various “hotspots” on a page (depending on the layout). Generally speaking, placing CTAs at the top of a page will yield better results than putting them at the bottom. You also have to be cautious about choosing the right graphics and images. For example, don’t go with a cartoony design if you are creating a website that is trying to sell luxury cars for sophisticated buyers. These are just some of infinite examples of paying attention to details in design. This is where Ottawa web design experts can come into map out your pages and make them look gorgeous too.

Use action words

Tell your customers what to do. Any internet marketing company will tell you that it’s not bossy; it’s just a way to encourage visitors to take action. Furthermore, showing the benefits and creating a sense of urgency will boost engagement. Most people have attention spans of fruit flies when it comes to internet browsing, so make the copy enticing enough for people to click. Some examples include: – Call Today for a Free Consultation – Register Now and Receive a Complimentary T-Shirt (for a limited time only) – Donate Now to Help Hurricane Victims – Subscribe to Receive Free Gardening Tips

Less is more

internet marketing companyInternet marketing companies will tell you that when it comes to designing effective calls to action, don’t give people too many choices. You might be thinking, “What are you talking about? I like having a lot of choices!” Yes, having many options in great, but in this case it’s not. The truth is if you present people with too many choices, they will take longer to make a decision and when they do, they might second-guess if it was the right one since there were so many other options on the table. It’s like going to a restaurant and being overwhelmed by a menu that has dozens of food and drink items. Ottawa web design experts know that pages with high conversion rates have a clean yet eye-catching design and are very simple to navigate. You won’t see any clutter here. They will clearly present a need or problem and provide a solution, one that you will get by clicking a button.

CTAs can be in places other than the homepage

Chances are that most of your potential customers will land on your homepage first, but once they explore other pages, you’ll still want them to perform an action. Whether it be signing up for a free trial or contacting you for more information about your product/service, having calls to action on all (or at least most of) your pages will increase the chances that your visitors will perform the desired action.

One-size does not fit all

Remember that every website and their respective goals are different. An e-commerce website selling shirts and an immigration law firm will have different approaches in creating calls to action in order to be effective. There is no one magic solution for every website across each industry. With the numerous factors to consider, it can be a bit daunting. If you want to ensure that you execute your CTAs properly, contact us and see how our talented internet marketing company can transform your website into a converting machine!

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