Organic is Better, and We’re Not Talking Vegetables

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Why Organic SEO is the Ruler of Digital Marketing Channels

Organic web traffic is the crème de la crème of web traffic. Organic users are searching FOR YOU. They want to know more about your products or services and as an organic user, they will likely convert and return to your site if you employ organic SEO strategies. Even though paid search boosts conversion rates, and social media sites increase brand awareness, organic search engine optimization (SEO) still rules the digital marketing world. While you shouldn’t neglect any marketing channel that is effective in its own way, NEVER neglect organic SEO.

The Different Types of Search Traffic

For those who need a quick lesson in the various types of search traffic, read on. These are good to know so you can better understand where your traffic is coming from, who your audience is, and how you can increase quality traffic to your site.

Direct Traffic

When visiting your website, users typically enter your website’s URL manually or use a bookmarked page. They directly visit your site instead of relying on a link to guide them. These are typically your clients, returning customers, or your employees—it’s important to filter out internal IP addresses, so employee traffic isn’t included in your results.

Referral Traffic

This type of traffic is caused when users rely on a referral link to your site—i.e. from search engine results pages (SERPs), social media, and blogs. For example, if you post a quality blog article on your website and someone shares it on social media, their post will include a link back to your site.

Organic Traffic

Users are visiting your site via a search engine, such as Google or Bing, and as you rank higher for competitive keywords, your organic traffic will increase. Websites that regularly post quality blogs will notice an increase in organic search traffic and a higher ranking in search results. The bottom line: organic SEO improves organic traffic.

Organic Delivers Relevant Traffic

It’s important to understand that organic traffic is relevant to your product or service. Organic users search for keywords relevant to your website. Since they are on the hunt for something you offer, they will be more inclined to convert and make a purchase. While paid search often performs better for immediate conversions—since people who click on paid search links tend to be in a hurry and are more likely to convert—a combination of organic SEO and paid search will outperform either channel on its own.

Organic Vs. Social Media

Social media sites can change their platforms and policies in an instant, leaving you with little control over your content within the confines of these sites. One day, everything is going well, and the next, you have to start forking out big money to keep your profile visible. Who knows? But it could happen… Social media users also tend to have a higher bounce rate than organic users. They will look at a page or two on your site, then go back to scrolling through their social media newsfeed. Organic users are also more likely to keep browsing through your website and return in the future. Ultimately, organic = quality traffic. There is no doubt that social media and paid ads will generate traffic to your site, as social media is great for brand awareness and selling products. But if you want people to find your store and remember you, you must also go the organic route.

Organic Has a Great ROI

With paid ads, your online presence is only around as long as you keep paying. Thus, if you stop paying, you will lose traffic. But with organic SEO, you don’t have to rely on constant investment. You can set up your site, update the content, and invest in paid ads to generate more traffic when it suits you. And the best part is: with organic SEO, your audience is always coming to you, looking for a product or service that you offer, which leads to a better return on investment (ROI). Since each digital marketing channel has its own unique benefits, you’re better off diversifying your digital marketing strategy to reap the benefits they each have to offer. But at the end of the day, investing in organic SEO will increase your overall ROI. Make an effort to spend your resources on quality content with organic SEO strategies. By embracing the wonders of organic SEO, you can increase organic traffic and conversion rates, profits, and, best of all, your loyal customer base. Remember, organic SEO is better, so don’t neglect it!


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