Out With The Old And In With Website Marketing: How An SEO Service In Ottawa Can Grow Your Business

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keyboard Nowadays, we live in a digital, online-driven world. You can no longer walk down the street without seeing someone’s nose in a mobile device, tapping away without sparing a moment to look up. People are no longer paying attention to TV advertisements thanks to DVRs and online streaming, readers have become accustomed to flipping past ads in newspapers and billboards and bus stop ads aren’t quite making the intended impact. Here is where digital marketing comes into play. Businesses, large and small, are hopping on the website marketing bandwagon. According to a 2012 Google Engage Conference, 24.7 million Canadians are online – that’s 80% of the population. They spend an average of 17 hours online per week, stream one hour of video online a day and 70% of them have a mobile device. What does this mean for your business? For starters, it would be short-sighted to ignore these staggering numbers. Having your business present online and involved with website marketing will get you noticed. Working with an SEO service in Ottawa will get you on track to becoming visible and accessible to millions of new customers that traditional marketing can no longer attract. When a customer is looking for a local moving company in a sea of options, this service can get you to the first page on Google giving you the exposure your company deserves. However, website marketing cannot be successful with one strategy alone. A combination of a well-thought-out social media strategy, quality website content and public relations can give you more leads and more exposure. Website marketing provided by an SEO service in Ottawa will take care of all the handy work. They will work with your needs and create a strategy that works best for your business in a way that will deliver achievable results. They can provide your business with a top of the line website that navigates smoothly, they can customize a blog that is updated with relevant quality content related to your industry and budget a social media strategy that will make people aware of what you have to offer. An SEO service in Ottawa can help your business evolve and become part of the growing digital world. With 80% of Canadians online, the potential to reach new customers on the internet is greater than any traditional marketing channel can achieve. Website marketing is the future of promoting your business and getting on board will make yours look more promising one Google search at a time.

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