Facebook Introduces Tools to Make Video Ads Easier

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New Video Creation Kit Features Simplifies and Streamlines Ad Creation

Video ads are about to get a whole lot easier to produce on Facebook thanks to new features and tools added to the platform’s Video Creation Kit. Facebook’s Video Creation Kit was introduced in 2018 and lets users create video ads using short video clips and static images. On June 4, 2019, the company announced a slew of new features for the Kit:

  • Greater optimization options for a variety of ad placements. Users can now click a button to make multiple versions of the same video ad with different aspect ratios for more ad placement options.
  • More video template options to speed up ad production. Facebook’s expanded their range of templates to offer more options to users; for example, users can take a single static image and add motion to it. There are now also seasonal stickers and templates to use for things like summer vacation and back-to-school promos. Facebook will also be adding seasonal templates throughout the year, making it easier to tailor ads to holidays and other special events.
  • 20 additional fonts for video production. It’s now easier to find a font option that’ll suit your brand and identity.
  • Save video ad drafts. Better late than never! Users can now save drafts of their video ads and continue the creation process when they have more time. It’s a basic feature, but one that’s very much welcome.

All in all, these new features add greater functionality and flexibility to the Video Creation Kit. According to HubSpot, optimized video ads on Facebook can get up to 20% more engagement than images alone. Facebook’s Video Creation Kit makes it easier to get on board with video ads and take advantage of superior engagement.



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