New Features Announced on Google’s Marketing Livestream Features Galore For Advertisers And Retailers Following Google Livestream

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Privacy, travel, and automation were among the topics explored in the new features Google announced for advertisers at its Annual Google Marketing Livestream.

The event, held on May 27, brought forth announcements of new features as well as news that features currently only available to few would become accessible to more advertisers.

A large chunk of the new features involves analytics and reporting to help marketers understand their customers’ needs and behaviours.

One of these features is a set of new insights into campaign performance on Google Analytics. Additionally, Google will roll out their modeling capabilities to behaviour reporting, even after third-party cookies are no longer able to view.

New Features For Retailers

The livestream also presented new tools for web-based retailers.

One of which, is the ability to attach ‘attribute tags’ to businesses in order to attract categories of customers. Earlier this year, Google launched an attribute tag for Black-owned businesses – the tag allows customers to search specifically for businesses within this category. According to Google, more options for this tool are coming.

Google will also roll out an augmented reality tool, allowing users to ‘try on’ clothing and makeup before purchasing.

Additionally, Google will launch a merchant loyalty program, making it easier for customers to access benefits decided upon by the retailer.

Custom Audiences Feature Coming To “Nearly All” Users

Currently, Google’s ‘custom audiences’ feature is available to some advertisers, based on eligibility criteria. It allows advertisers to target users more accurately through ad campaigns.

With the knowledge that third-party cookies are disappearing, Google announced that the feature would soon be available to “nearly all” advertisers as the criteria will change.

New Features For The Travel Industry

Unsurprisingly, the travel industry has faced countless challenges since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Google announced a batch of new features for the travel industry, possibly in an effort to support the industry after a challenging period.

The three new features include:

  1. A new hotel booking extension tool

  2. Vacation rentals added to the ‘hotel results’ page

  3. Enhanced commissions bidding, allowing advertisers to easily find customers

For more information about the features displayed on the livestream, visit Search Engine Journal for a guide to the 19 features announced.

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